Noodle the pug, adorable TikTok oracle, dies at 14

Noodle the pug, adorable TikTok oracle, dies at 14

” The sweetest man ever was and will ever be. “

Today is a sad day. Noodle, the adorable pug who became a TikTok sensation and famous oracle for his “Bones Day” predictions, has died at 14.

Jonathan Graziano, the famous pet’s owner, confirmed the news in an emotional TikTok. He said, “I’m so sorry I have to share this, Noodle died yesterday.” “He was at home, and he was in my arms, and that is extremely sad. It’s extremely difficult. It’s a day I knew was coming, but never imagined would come. ” Despite his heartbreak Graziano said that he felt he had to share the news with their 4.5million followers as soon as possible. He said, “I wanted you to celebrate him as we’re navigating through this sadness.” “He lived 14 and a half years, which is about as long as you can hope a dog can, and he made millions of people happy. Wow, what a run. ”

“Thank you for loving him,” Graziano concluded. “Thank you for accepting us. Give your dog a cheeseball tonight — but it must be the fake stuff. “

The video was captioned by the social media manager who adopted Noodle when he turned 7. The sweetest man ever was and will always be. ” Graziano and Noodle delighted viewers around the globe during the coronavirus pandemic by their daily game of “No Bones.” During this game, Graziano would lift the tiny soothsayer up into the air, then he would sit back down. Noodle’s refusal to stand would be considered a “Bones Day” and viewers were encouraged to take control of their lives. Graziano advised them to practice self-care, and to take it easy like Noodle. Jonathan Graziano /Instagram

Jonathan Graziano lifts Noodle up as part of the ‘Bones Day’ test.

| Credit: Jonathan Graziano /Instagram

The pair’s “Bones Day” ritual even inspired a children’s book, Noodle and the No Bones Day, which was released in June. The story featured irresistible illustrations by Dan Tavis. It followed Noodle as it faced his first “No Bones Day” and learned that it is okay to have tough days sometimes.

Noodle has brought joy and happiness to so many online. I can’t believe it,” Graziano said of his best bud in an interview with TODAY last year. “He’s the light in my life and it’s really, really special to share him with others. ”

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