Nick Kroll celebrates Harry Styles for EW’s Entertainers of the Year: ‘He’s so f—ing charming’

Nick Kroll celebrates Harry Styles for EW’s Entertainers of the Year: ‘He’s so f—ing charming’

Kroll’s tribute to his father says, “No matter how much I do in my life, it will likely go somewhere in my funeral: ‘father. comedian, creator, and also someone who was kissed by Harry Styles. Do not worry darling costar.

By Nick Kroll December 12, 2022 at 08:00 AM EST

Harry Styles He has had a great year and his career will be different in the future. His third solo studio album was also released. Harry’s HouseHe debuted at the top Billboard Hot 200 and hit movie theaters in both the paranoia thriller and the paranoia thriller Do not worry darling Gay romance My Policeman.

Styles was not only noticed for his first leading roles on the bigscreen, but he also made headlines with his press tours for the movies at glamorous fall film festivals. Then, there’s The world tourThe show, which has entertained screaming fans since September 2021, is not set to stop until next summer.

To honor the ex-boy bander from Britain as one of EW’s 2022 Entertainers Of The Year Big Mouth Creator Nick Kroll Styles was opposed by — Do not worry darling — Pays tribute to the pop star and movie star.

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Harry Styles; (inset Nick Kroll

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Harry Styles could have released an album, gone on tour, or made one movie. That would be a remarkable feat. It is amazing that he can do all of this in one year, and still be a person you can have a real conversation. The elephant in the room: All the noise in his private life. It’s difficult to navigate all that. To stay above the fray, and to continue to attempt to make his art, it’s a tightrope. He can navigate it with grace and class.

There’s a buoyancy when you see him on stage. His performance is clearly full of joy. This is not dissimilar to his personality. It doesn’t feel like you are watching a show when you’re with him. It’s like having a conversation. It was amazing to see how connected he was with everyone he met on set. People who are famous and well-known often need to set boundaries. There wasn’t a wall, but there should be. It was necessary to get through the day without feeling exhausted. He was always there with coffee, donuts, or extra vitamin C packets. He was always there to help people in a very kind way. He doesn’t take himself or anything too seriously. That was something I loved about him as an artist and also as someone I know. It’s hard to be in his shoes.

As an actor, I was not surprised that he was so natural. One of the most famous performers in the world Would He was a great performer. He was open, collaborative, and fun to play with. There’s nothing better than performing live. There was a found moment in almost every scene I was in together.

There’s a moment in the film when I back up and we’re going to our car. I salute him, then I give him the finger and he looks back at him and gives me his finger. It’s the best thing you can do to find someone who wants you to feel alive in a scene. Anyone who has seen him perform live knows that. He is always present, whether you are having a conversation with him, watching him perform live on stage, or in a scene with you. This is why he’s so charming. It makes you feel like you are watching someone in the same room as you.

He is able to act in two films that are very different. During all of this, he has been on a worldwide tour for over a year. Skittles are a great choice. Although it’s strange to say this, he made me much more comfortable with my nieces, nephews, and many other people. Very publicly kissing me at Venice Film Festival. I would like to rewrite the story of Prince Charming’s kiss with a frog. I am the frog and I transform into a frog with a crown. It was one of my most surreal moments. It was not what we had planned. We kissed in the first scene Do not worry darlingIt was not visible so it appeared that Harry Styles had snatched me and kissed my cheek. It will likely go somewhere in my obituary, no matter what I do in my life: “father”, comedian, creator, and someone who was kissed by Harry Styles. I gotta say, I ain’t mad at it. That’s his power.

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