NFL experts pick Detroit Lions to defeat New York Jets

NFL experts pick Detroit Lions to defeat New York Jets

The Detroit Lions There is a 1.5-point road currently underdogsAgainst the New York Jets

Both Teams Both are unique in that they are both trying to improve their current situation. Rebuilds To the next level.

The Jets (7-6) have lost four of their six previous games. The Lions (6-7) have won five of their six previous games, which has revitalized the roster and coaching staff. fanbase.

According to NFL Pickwatch64 percent NFL Experts predict that the Lions will beat the Jets in Week 15, at MetLife Stadium.

One Factor That gives the Lions and their supporters the opportunity to win. Hope The improving health of the roster has allowed us to enter the final stretch in the 2022 season.

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The team is poised to perform at its best offensively, with the majority of the offensive lines healthy and playing at a high level. defensively.

“He looks pretty good right here,” Dan Campbell When asked about Evan Brown’s health, he replied: “So, hopefully today, if he looks okay, he will be ready to go. But he has had a good week.”

Detroit’s coaching staff has the opportunity to have five linemen of high quality on the offensive line play together. Offensive A boost of confidence

“It is huge, especially for those five,” he said. Campbell. “It’s a lot similar to your O-line, your secondary all playing together, I think is huge. It’s important to have continuity, that guys communicate with each other, understand your leverage and all those things. To get him back is a — it gives us a little boost for sure.”

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