Netflix drops lawsuit against ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’

Netflix drops lawsuit against ‘The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’

Lady Whistledown would love to hear this.

Dear reader: It seems the latest chapter in the legal saga surrounding Bridgerton has officially come to a close.

On Friday, Netflix dropped its copyright lawsuit against Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear, the creators of the Grammy-winning show The Unofficial Bridgerton Musical, EW has confirmed.

In their Washington, D.C., federal court filing, obtained by Deadline, the streaming service requested that its original suit against the songwriting duo be thrown out, stating, “Plaintiffs Netflix Worldwide Entertainment, LLC and Netflix Studios, LLC hereby dismiss this action with prejudice. “

BRIDGERTON, Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear

Netflix’s ‘Bridgerton’ series; ‘Unofficial Bridgerton Musical’ creators Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear

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While Netflix provided no further reasoning for its dismissal, its move comes just one day after the pair, who perform as Barlow & Bear, were supposed to respond to the streamer’s initial complaint made this summer. In July, Netflix sued the pair over staging a “massive, for-profit stage performance” of their TikTok musical at D.C.’s Kennedy Center. It claimed that it was due to Netflix’s “repeated objections.”

The complaint also alleged that Barlow and Bear misrepresented their affiliation with the Bridgerton series to its audience and sold unofficial merchandise during the show. It added that their performance also featured “over a dozen songs that copied verbatim dialogue, character traits and expression, and other elements from Bridgerton the series. “

At the time, Barlow and Bear had also announced a concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall, which was scheduled for Sept. 20. The event has since been canceled.

“Netflix supports fan generated content, but Barlow & Bear went further and sought multiple revenue streams for themselves, without formal permission to use the Bridgerton IP.” The streamer stated to EW in a July statement. “We have tried to work with Barlow & Bear but they have refused to cooperate. “We are taking action to protect the rights of Bridgerton’s creators, cast, writers, crew and staff. “

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