NCAA Grants Oregon’s Cam McCormick a Ninth Year of Eligibility

NCAA Grants Oregon’s Cam McCormick a Ninth Year of Eligibility

Sometimes, college football players have the chance to stay in school for longer than the four years. However, one veteran player continues to find ways to return to school.

OregonCam McCormick, a tight end, was a freshman in 2016. He has the option of returning to Eugene in 2023 as the NCAA has granted him an additional year of eligibility.

McCormick stated that he had thought about returning to the United States, and it was a difficult decision. James Crepea of The Oregonian. “I am not sure yet what my decision will be. I will continue to enjoy the game with my teammates, and make the final decision after the game…I can’t imagine doing nine. I applied for it to have it after Ohio State last season. I injured my Achilles, and was able to get it. It’s available, it’s mine. It doesn’t matter if I use it or not. You might consider returning for year eight.

McCormick, who redshirted as a freshman in 2016 and then played in 2017, before suffering four consecutive season-ending injuries in 2018 and ’21. He was also one among three to be Hospitalized with rhabdomyolysis After January 2017’s intense workouts, I was unable to finish the program.

He was finally able this year to make it to the bowl game after a full season of practice.

McCormick isn’t considered a major NFL draft prospect so returning to the team next year may be his best chance of getting playing time at any level. McCormick has earned both his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Oregon. He would need to find another way to get academic credit to play again.

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