NBA Introduces New Trophies for Eastern, Western Conference Finals

NBA Introduces New Trophies for Eastern, Western Conference Finals

NEW-YORK (AP), — The NBA’s championship trophy now has a new look. Also, the league will present some new trophies during the playoffs.

The league revealed a slightly revised Larry O’Brien Trophy, as well as changes to the Bill Russell NBA Finals MVP trophy, and to the design of conference championship trophies.

Four of the game’s greatest legends now have their names in NBA hardware.

The Eastern Conference championship trophy has been named for Bob Cousy. This trophy was the Western Conference championship trophy for Oscar Robertson. For the first time, MVP’s will be awarded at conference finals. The East finals MVP will get the Larry Bird Trophy, while the West finals MVP will take home the Magic Johnson Trophy. Johnson stated that the NBA Conference Finals are the final hurdle a team must overcome to reach the NBA Finals. “I’m truly honored to have my name memorialized on the Western Conference Finals Most Valuable Player Trophy.”

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The most visible change is to the Larry O’Brien, the trophy given to the NBA champions. The ball tilts in a different way, the netting is more visible, and the base is rounder. There are two discs stacked on top of each other, one bearing the names past champions, and the second bearing the names for the teams that have won the title this year.

The conference final MVP trophies that will be presented next month are very similar to the Bill Russell trophy. However, they have a slightly different appearance. The trophies given to the East and West champions now have new names and looks — the Oscar Robertson Trophy goes the West champion and the Bob Cousy Trophy the East champion.

“I have been part of the NBA family since 1950 and among the greatest joys of my post-playing career has been watching the game continue to evolve into what it is today,” Cousy said. “There are few greater achievements in sports than representing your conference in the NBA Finals, and I’m moved that the NBA has granted me the honor of being connected to the Eastern Conference champions for years to come.”

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