NBA Draft Will Have New ‘Pick Is In’ Jingle Inside the Arena

NBA Draft Will Have New ‘Pick Is In’ Jingle Inside the Arena

NBA draft purists, cover your ears: there’s a new sheriff in town. Or, rather, a new jingle.

In a move that only strengthens the grip on the world’s foremost basketball league among its insurance provider competitors, State Farm has taken over that most sacred of auditory traditions by supplying the in-arena draft jingle for Thursday night’s NBA draft. If you’ve watched even a single NBA game over the past decade and paid the slightest bit of attention during the commercial breaks, you’ve heard this one before.

While the State Farm jingle is hardly a deep cut, it’s going to take some time to get used to hearing it in the rhythm of the draft. The old jingle, through years and years of use, has subconsciously produced a Pavlovian response in us all, so it will be interesting to see how this commodified change alters the viewing experience for basketball fans that have grown accustomed to the production.

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If nothing else, perhaps State Farm’s enhanced presence on draft night can pave the way for Thursday’s draftees to make inroads on joining the next ad campaign. After all, Chris (and Cliff) Paul can’t keep this up forever.

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