Mississippi State football: three ways in which the Bulldogs must improve against Bowling Green

Mississippi State football: three ways in which the Bulldogs must improve against Bowling Green

Mississippi State suffered a disappointing performance against LSU, but will look to rebound against Bowling Green this Saturday.

Almost everything went wrong for LSU’s Bulldogs against the Tigers. The offense was unable to sustain momentum while the defense was inconsistent. Even MSU’s special teams made mistakes that were not repeated all season.

MSU will try to get back on track as they face Bowling Green. Here are three ways that Mississippi State must improve from last weekend’s performance to take down the Falcons.

1. Quarterback Will Rogers must get back on track.

Rogers was a standout among all SEC QBs to begin the season, but his performance against LSU was the worst of his college career. The junior went 24-of-42 passing for 214 yards with one touchdown and one interception. Rogers isn’t going to let his performance in Death Valley affect his ability to perform in the future. This weekend will be a test to see if Rogers can bounce back from a difficult match. This is something Rogers will likely have again this season as the Bulldogs move deeper into tough conference play.

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2. The Bulldogs must have a strong offensive line.

Mississippi State’s offensive line looked abysmal against LSU last weekend, and that severely hindered the team’s ability to keep drives alive. Rogers was sacked four times for a loss of 34 total yards, and the Tigers recorded nine tackles behind the line of scrimmage for a loss of an additional 42 yards. Rogers isn’t mobile enough to escape a collapsed pocket so the Bulldogs will need pressure to keep Rogers off the field so he can make solid passes and put them in a position of winning.

3. It is imperative that special teams are addressed quickly.

Last season, the Bulldogs had a difficult time with special teams. This year has been even worse. Massimo Biscardi was MSU’s first starting kicker, but he missed two consecutive extra point attempts against Arizona so he was replaced by Ben Raybon. Raybon’s first few games have shown him to be a skilled field goal maker, but he also missed an extra-point attempt against LSU. Mississippi State must also decide who can be trusted to return punts — veteran Austin Williams is reliable, but he missed a punt in LSU’s red zone last weekend. True freshman Zavion Thomas, however, is new to college football. He had two returns for 48 yards last weekend in Death Valley.

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