Michigan Wolverines Jake Moody Detroit Lions NFL scouting report

Michigan Wolverines Jake Moody Detroit Lions NFL scouting report

Kicker Jake Moody left quite a legacy playing for the Michigan Wolverines that will be extremely difficult to top. 

“That’s why he’s the Groza winner, right? Legend. I’ve been watching Michigan football since I was a kid,” head coach Jim Harbaugh said, after the Wolverines defeated the Fighting Illini this past season. “Pretty, pretty decent historian of Michigan football, and I am nominating him for legendary status.”

The 23-year-old kicker set the career mark at Michigan for attempts, points and field goals made. 

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Moody also holds the record for the longest made kick in school history, as he connected from 59 yards out against TCU in the College Football Playoff.

Moody will now leave the college game and enter the NFL Draft, being widely recognized as the best kicker ever to suit up at Michigan Stadium. 

The Lions have attempted to find stability at the kicker position since Matt Prater left and signed with the Arizona Cardinals in 2021. 

Since then, the team has brought in numerous kickers to fill some big shoes, and it finished the 2022 season with Michael Badgley on the roster as the starter.  

“He knows exactly who he is,” special teams coach Dave Fipp told reporters. “He doesn’t try to be somebody different. He knows what his leg is. He hits the same ball over and over. He’s very consistent. And, he’s comfortable with who he is, and I think that gives him an advantage. So, he’s been great to be around. I really enjoy the guy.”

Moving forward, the team could stick with Badgley or look to the draft to solidify the position long term. 

Moody is currently projected to be selected anywhere in the fourth or fifth round of the 2023 NFL Draft. 

“I would say a great, great indicator on a guy’s future success is, especially at that position, is his past success and guys can improve,” Fipp explained, when asked about college success translating to the next level. “But, I would say, in general, if guys are hitting a high percentage to go back to analytics —  if they’re hitting a high percentage in college, they’re probably going to hit a high percentage in the NFL. And, it could go up. It could go down a little bit, but usually, it stays somewhere in the same range. 

“If there’s a guy who’s not as accurate, he’s probably not going to be as accurate,” Fipp continued. “But, every once in a while, he’ll prove you wrong or he’ll change, or he will grow or develop and turn into a really good player. And, I think that’s happened with a number of guys. So, I never say never. But, if you’re looking to be on the safe side, I would say the better he is in college, probably the better he’s going to be for you.”

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