Mazi Smith’s Attorney Provides Key Details In Weapons Charge

Mazi Smith’s Attorney Provides Key Details In Weapons Charge

After news broke that Mazi Smith, a Michigan defensive lineman, was facing a felony weapons charges, speculation spread quickly over social media. During Thursday’s arraignment Attorney John Shea, who represents Smith in this case , provided critical details about the incident ..

Mazi Smith

“This is Mr. Smith’s first contact with the law,” Shea said. “This incident occurred at 9 o’clock in morning — maybe I’m wrong on the exact time but it was Friday morning.

“He had to be asked if there was a weapon inside the car. He was honest. He was honest. He was very cooperative. Ironically, he was just about to obtain his CPL. He hadn’t yet obtained his CPL. Ironically, he now has it. He was involved in the process and I don’t want to suggest that he wasn’t trying to be responsible.

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“We will address at a later date the issues regarding criminal liability. As the warrant recall application I submitted yesterday states, he is a Michigan resident for life. He is a full-time student at University of Michigan. … Active involvement with the family. He’s a good young person With Michigan heading to Indy to play in the Big Ten Championship, Shea requested that Smith be allowed to travel along with the team to football-related activities. Elisha Fink, Washtenaw County Magistrate granted this request.

“This means, Mr. Smith that you can travel with your team if they are traveling,” Fink stated. You can travel anywhere that the team is going, regardless of whether you are a member of that team. Other than that, I don’t give you permission to travel outside of the state. You can’t go to another team’s game. You can go with your team, but not alone. You can’t go Cedar Point. You can’t go to Kentucky, OK?”

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