Mayim Bialik says ‘all of the cast’ would be on board for a ‘Blossom’ revival

Mayim Bialik says ‘all of the cast’ would be on board for a ‘Blossom’ revival

The actress added that she and series creator Don Reo would take a single-cam approach if they get another go-around.

Author Maureen Lee Lenker

The roots have long been planted for a potential Blossom reboot, and Mayim Bialik has some newly sprouted information to share with fans.

The actress, who has been trying to revive the ’90s sitcom for years, told Variety in a new interview that series creator Don Reo has completed a script for a reboot pilot and the entire cast is up for returning.

“The show was supposed to be Catcher in the Rye about a girl, which was unusual,” Bialik said. “And we’d like to do a reboot that’s unusual. We’d like to do a single cam.” She added, “All of the cast is on board.”

Presumably that includes Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oy, and Michael Stoyanov, who guest-starred on Bialik’s show Call Me Kat last year. But there are a few things holding up any serious forward momentum, including Bialik’s busy schedule starring on Call Me Kat and hosting Celebrity Jeopardy.

Mayim Bialik on ‘Blossom’

Mayim Bialik on ‘Blossom’

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“My schedule has not been even open enough to think about it,” Bialik told Variety, “but Don and I are finally ready to have more of a meaningful plan around it. And people ask me all the time about it. You know, we were an unusual show about a girl at that time. There were no network shows about girls. Everyone was like, ‘No one will watch that.’ And here we are.”

Bringing Blossom back would also require a lot of conversations with rights holders and networks. The original show, which ran from 1991 to 1995 on NBC, was produced by Touchstone Television, a subsidiary of Disney. The entire run of the series is now available on Hulu, which is also owned by Disney.

“It’s a set of conversations with Disney because there’s a lot of red tape and there’s a lot of complexity,” Bialik noted. “It’s complicated.”

Bialik has made no secret of her desire to return to her breakout role. Back in 2021, she told EW that she and Reo “do have a limited reboot that we would like to do. We’ve had a lot of trouble getting our network on board.” At a certain point, she added, “I may just start a grassroots fan campaign to see if we can do it because we absolutely would love people to see where these characters are. [Reo] and I talked about it and we kind of decided after literally years of trying to work on this that I would probably just say it out loud. We do have a well-formed idea and we would love someone to let us do it.”

Last week, Bialik and Reo discussed their creative partnership, their Blossom plans, and more at a Bryant University event.

“We had a blast talking about our respective crafts, our 35 year friendship, and answering questions about a Blossom reboot!” Bialik wrote on Instagram after the chat. “For those of you who weren’t there, we are working on it. I mean, don’t you wanna know what Blossom Russo’s been up to?”

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