Mark Jackson Offers Opinion on WNBA Salaries After Brittney Griner Situation

Mark Jackson Offers Opinion on WNBA Salaries After Brittney Griner Situation

The conversation has changed with Brittney Griner safely returning home for the holidays. Interview with TMZESPN broadcaster Mark Jackson wasn’t asked about the topic. Her captivity in RussiaBut rather, why she was there in all.

Griner, like many WNBA players was playing overseas during offseason as it pays more than her American salary. Jackson hopes that the WNBA will allow players to be paid more so they don’t have to play abroad.

Jackson stated that Jackson hoped to financially position the women professional athletes, primarily the WNBA in a position where they don’t need to add income to their accounts.

One approach can be found in another sport. To increase the pay of women’s national soccer teams, the U.S. men and women’s national soccer teams split World Cup earnings. This landmark agreement saw U.S. Soccer become “the first Federation to equalize FIFA World Cup Prize Money.” CNN. The women’s national team earned more money this year from the World Cup knockout stages than they did in 2015 and 2019.

Jackson quickly dismissed the question of Jackson asking if a similar resolution between the NBA and WNBA would be ideal.

He said, “With all due respect,” that he didn’t believe that was fair or the right answer. “I believe we should pay the women more money, clearly.”

Jackson explained that he believes WNBA players should be paid the same percentage as NBA players, but added that “Let’s get it right without having anyone else ask.”

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