‘Manifest’ season 4 trailer teases game-changing revelations

‘Manifest’ season 4 trailer teases game-changing revelations

It seems like the Stones discovered “a direct link with divine consciousness.” “

Nick Romano

By Nick Romano September 24, 2022 at 01: 30 PM EDT

Stop what you’re doing! We’ve just experienced a calling in the form of the first Manifest season 4 trailer. The vision is clear: fans of the now-revived sci-fi drama from creator Jeff Rake will be getting long-sought answers in the show’s final run of 20 episodes.

Manifest originally aired on NBC and introduced the passengers of Flight 828, a commercial aircraft that traveled through a storm on its way home to New York City one fateful day. The passengers were informed that the entire flight had been missing since 2005. Everyone on board was presumed dead. In addition to the mystery surrounding the flight, passengers began to experience “callings,” visions, voices, or other supernatural signs from an unknown higher power that guided them to help others.

The drama began when the third season of NBC’s drama was canceled. The finale left viewers with a huge cliffhanger. Angelina (Holly Taylor), one of the 828-ers, killed Grace (Athena Karkanis) and kidnapped her baby, Eden. On top of that, Cal, the youngest member of the Stones and a bit of a prodigy when it comes to callings, had vanished under mysterious circumstances when he touched the tail fin of the 828 plane. He then reappeared five years later than he was. (Ty Doran plays Cal, the role that Jack Messina occupied previously. )

Now that the show is coming back, thanks to a Hail Mary renewal from Netflix for one final season that’s split into two 10-episode parts, the Manifest season 4 trailer is teasing the conclusion fans have been campaigning for.

“828 wasn’t an accident,” Michaela Stone (Melissa Roxburgh) tells her brother, Ben (Josh Dallas), who’s still mourning the loss of Grace and Eden after a two-year time jump. “We are supposed to save the passengers together. “

As Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) points out, the passengers are now 18 months away from the dreaded Death Date, the day when a resurrected person has to face their second death. June 2, 2024 will mark five-and-a-half years since Flight 828 landed home — the exact amount of time they had been missing. Saanvi states, “We must follow every lead.”

The trailer for Part 1 of the new season shows Cal going to a familiar shipping yard (perhaps the same one Michaela was investigating in a previously released clip) where he finds the missing black box from Flight 828. “Have this been happening all along?” After reviewing the black box, Saanvi asks.

You didn’t fly into a storm. It flew into us,” Michaela tells the pilot of Flight 828. “It chose to be with us. ” Another juicy line: Ben claims that they discovered “a direct connection to divine consciousness.”

Meanwhile, someone is murdering 828-ers. This means that everyone is at risk. “We are now beginning to descend,” a voice announces over the aircraft intercom.


Josh Dallas and Matt Long return as Ben Stone and Zeke Landon in ‘Manifest’ season 4.

| Credit: Peter Kramer/Netflix

Rake previously spoke with EW about the events of Manifest season 4, Part 1. He said, “The aftermath of the [season 3 finale] tragedy and its impact on every member of that family, and their journey battling between wanting to vengeance

Ben is questioning everything. He is not only questioning the callings but God and the universe as well as his own goodness and evil.” Dallas said. “The loss Grace has left him with a deep sense of anger and an immense void. Anger is a natural emotion that begs to stay. It can take your light away and leave you without anything to offer. It can make you hurt those you love, and Ben does quite a bit of that. He believes that if he lets it go and heals from it, Grace will somehow disappear forever. ”

Part 1 will be available on Netflix in November. Part 2’s premiere date has not yet been announced. Watch the season 4 trailer, which premiered during the streamer’s TUDUM fan event on Saturday, above.

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