Mandy Patinkin joins writers’ strike with ‘Princess Bride’ sign

Mandy Patinkin joins writers’ strike with ‘Princess Bride’ sign

The Homeland star joined a picket line in New York alongside fellow fictional Saul and pal Bob Odenkirk.

His name is Inigo Montoya…

Mandy Patinkin joined a WGA strike outside of the Amazon and HBO offices in New York on Wednesday with an apt Princess Bride-themed sign. “You killed residuals,” it read. “Prepare to pay!”

The line is a nod to “You killed my father. Prepare to die!,” uttered by his character Inigo Montoya in the beloved 1987 film.

In videos shared on social media, an impassioned Patinkin can be seen yelling that without writers, “We have nothing!” “Don’t be stupid!” Patinkin says. “Make sure you take care of people! You guys make millions and million of dollars! For God’s sakes! Without the writers, we have nothing! They create the stories that make our hearts beat! Help out now!”

Patinkin also shared a photo with Bob Odenkirk and tweeted “Saul’s unite!,” referencing his Saul in Homeland and Odenkirk’s Saul in Better Call Saul.

The Writers Guild of America called for its first work stoppage last week for the first time since 2007 after it failed to reach agreements with the Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers — which represents multibillion-dollar studios like Netflix, Disney, and Warner Bros. — over compensation and other contract points. A number of TV shows have already been impacted.

Patinkin, a SAG-AFTRA member, has been regularly sharing posts in support of the WGA, uploading a video of him standing in total silence earlier this week and writing, “This is what I would be doing on TV without writers.”

“Writers are asking for fairness: when the studios invest millions into producing a film or series, they can pay for the value writers create,” he added.

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