Manchin says “I have no intentions” of changing parties as of now

Manchin says “I have no intentions” of changing parties as of now

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By Melissa Quinn

CBS News

Manchin states that he has no plans to change parties

Manchin stated that he has no plans to change parties.


Washington — Sen. Joe ManchinDemocrat from West Virginia, he reiterated Sunday that he had “no intention” to change his party affiliation at the moment. He also highlighted his track record of working with both parties based more on policy ideas than their political party affiliations.

Manchin spoke out to Face the Nation about two important legislative achievements made by Democrats while they controlled the Senate and House. Package for tax, climate and health reform And bipartisan infrastructure law — He said he was watching to see how the measures develop in the coming years.

“People will try to stop something doing so much good because they think that someone else will take credit. Let’s see what happens,” Manchin said to “Face the Nation.” “I’ll let you all know what I do later. Right now, I don’t intend to change anything, except to work for West Virginians and try to give them more opportunities and better quality of lives, and make sure our country has energy security.

Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema were crucial in the first two years under the Biden administration. Their votes were critical for legislation to pass the 50-50 Senate. Manchin’s decision to withdraw from negotiations regarding Mr. Biden’s comprehensive social spending plan last fiscal year was a result of negotiations. Keep his support The White House and Democratic leaders were effectively sent back to the drawing board and a deal was reached with West Virginia Democrats With whom did you broker? Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer opened the door for Congress to approve their climate, tax, and health care package, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act.

After Democrats 51 Senate seats are now under secure control Sinema will be represented at the next Congress Announcement She registered as an independent this month, but she does not plan on caucusing with Republicans. Although her decision ensures Democrats retain a larger share of the Senate in next year’s elections, it has sparked questions about whether Manchin would make the same move.

The West Virginia Democrat stated that he doesn’t believe there is much validity in being a Republican or Democrat. He also noted that he has a tendency to speak out against Republicans and Democrats when he feels they are wrong. Manchin said that he didn’t foresee ever leaving the Democratic Party. However, he also noted that Democratic leaders in Congress are well aware of his independent streak.

“The Democrats don’t have to make me do what the Democrats want. I don’t believe the Democrats have all of the answers. I don’t believe the Republicans are always right, and vice versa. He said that he doesn’t see things in this way. “Where I come from is basically how do I survive and make it better so that we can extend the quality of our lives to more people?” That’s it. If Republicans have a good idea and I like it I’m with them. If I’m the only Democrat (which I have been many times), I feel very comfortable and will come home to explain it.”

Sinema and Manchin are up for reelection 2024. West Virginia Nearly 40 points voted for President Donald Trump in 2020.

Manchin continued to press for action regarding his plan to accelerate federal environmental reviews of natural resource projects and energy. Schumer promised a vote after Manchin backed The Inflation Reduction Act. Last week, President Biden stated that he supports Manchin’s permitting reform as a means to reduce energy bills and increase U.S. energy security.

Energy independence is essential for superpower status. He said that energy independence is both energy security and national safety. “The piece of legislation we wrote and worked on basically takes a double-path, 10 years certainty that we’re going have fossil fuel, which is the engine that runs our country, one of the cleanest in all the world. We don’t need to go to Iran, which is the most dangerous terrorist country in the world. We don’t even have to go there to monitor the environment. We can make the fossil in this country to be completely independent and provide our allies with clean fossils.

Manchin stated that his proposal for permitting reform “must be passed sooner than later.”

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