Man found dead in Death Valley National Park ran out of gas

Man found dead in Death Valley National Park ran out of gas

A man from Southern California was found dead in Death Valley National Park on Wednesday. He had apparently run out of gas and decided to walk in the scorching heat.

Park guests found David Kelleher’s body on Tuesday, a statement from the park service stated.

Kelleher, 67, of Huntington Beach, was about 2 1/2 miles from the vehicle, and apparently was walking from Zabriskie Point toward Furnace Creek, the park said.

He was found about 30 feet from State Route 190 but the highway was obscured by terrain and a mesquite tree, the park said.

Kelleher hadn’t been reported missing but a park ranger spotted a lone vehicle in the Zabriskie Point parking lot on June 11 and remembered it from three days earlier, the park said. It was registered to Kelleher.

” A crumpled note found inside Kelleher’s vehicle stated, “out of gasoline,” the park said.

An air and ground search for Kelleher had been limited by temperatures that topped 120 degrees at times, officials said.

Kelleher had been cited for off-road driving at the park on May 30, when he mentioned to a park ranger that he was low on gas, according to KLAS, a CBS affiliate in Las Vegas. It was the second death reported this month. The body of John McCarry, 69, of Long Beach, was found in Panamint Valley on June 1.

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