LSU Safety Major Burns Returning For Senior Season

LSU Safety Major Burns Returning For Senior Season

LSU Major Burns, safety at LSU, will be returning to the University for his senior season. He announced this via social media on Thursday. Burns, a key component of the Tigers’ defensive success, is back at LSU as a veteran to assist them next season.

Burns sustained a severe neck injury in 2022 that kept him out of games for a few weeks, but once he was back in good shape, he didn’t miss a game.

LSU’s return of a piece from their secondary is a major victory in a unit that will be retooled in the offseason.

Burns finished the 2022 season having completed 18 tackles as well as three pass breakups.

LSU will Prioritize Cornerback in the Transfer Portal

This unit is in a difficult spot going forward, with Jarrick Bernard-Converse & Colby Richardson out the eligibility. Mekhi Garner’s NFL Draft selection is another key factor. This lockdown corner, which displayed All-SEC quality play in his first season with Tigers, puts this cornerbacks in a difficult spot after entering the 2023 NFL Draft. However, reeling in a few transfers will help their case.

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The Bayou Bengals will be left with Latterrance Welch, Sevyn Bans and the incoming freshmen. Banks, who has been fighting the injury bug all season long, would then be the only player on the roster with significant experience.

The Tigers knew they would have to attack the secondary transfer portal this offseason. LSU will be able to attack this position group even more forcefully now that the portal is open. They are trying to rebuild a room that has shown consistency at times.

Brian Kelly’s Transfer Portal Message

Kelly stated, “They have to be the right fit” first. They must recognize the value of an LSU education. They must possess the right traits. We are more than open for business. We don’t just put up a sign saying “hey, we will take anyone”. They must be the right fit. If they can be found, I prefer that they come from Louisiana. Then we will address the needs based on how the freshman class marries into it, according to the specific needs by position class.

“We are not going overload a particular position group. This means that if you have three or four wide receivers who are freshmen, you might not see a lot of influence in that position’s portal.

“We will also develop based on our freshman class. This allows us to do both simultaneously and allows our program to be more youthful. Both of these are important to us. We don’t want to make it a program that we just transfer and then turn over.

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