Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson come face-to-face in ‘Fatal Attraction’ first look

Lizzy Caplan and Joshua Jackson come face-to-face in ‘Fatal Attraction’ first look


Paramount is changing the story to be told from Alex’s point of view.

Samantha Highfill

“Alex is known as the bunny boiler. But there’s probably more to it.” Alexandra Cunningham wasn’t sure she wanted to make a Fatal Attraction When Paramount first approached her, she was already in a series. The showrunner was too interested in the chance to expand on Alex Forrest’s story.

Alex Forrest as originally performed by Glenn Close, was known as the Bunny Boiler in the 1987 film The same name, which was followed by Dan Gallagher, a New York lawyer.Michael DouglasAlex, his book editor, was a part of his affair. Let’s just say Alex didn’t appreciate Dan wanting to stay with his wife.

Cunningham told EW that she did a lot more reading about the film and Glenn Close. She talked about Alex’s empathy and how she felt Alex was out of control. Cunningham also said that Glenn Close believed Alex was not evil. This is something Cunningham agrees with, as she doesn’t believe in evil. “Glenn spoke about how she brought Alex’s script to two psychiatrists when she was working on her character. Because it was the 1980s, nobody brought up mental illness, neither did the other. Since then, she has been a tireless advocate for mental health and it is sad that she has said that she feels guilty for some of the stigma surrounding mental illness in pop culture due to her portrayal of Alex. She also stated that she thought it would be interesting to tell the exact same story but from Alex’s perspective.

Fatal Attraction

Joshua Jackson and Lizzy Caplan in “Fatal Attraction”

Credit: Monty Brinton/Paramount

Cunningham began writing the show with that idea of shifting perspectives as her guide. Cunningham had one idea: To take Alex’s place. Lizzy Caplan. Caplan was able to say “yes” to the project.

Caplan, a big fan of the film and a keen explorer, immediately recognized that there was more. Caplan states, “In the film Alex is the villain and Dan the hero and there are no gray areas.” “Audiences have changed so much that we are no longer conditioned to believe in this evil woman story. The movie doesn’t even mention that she is clearly mentally ill.

Caplan says, “There’s a lot you can unpack with her.” “She has a full backstory as well as a full point-of-view in our show. You can spend more time getting to know each character with a limited series.

Playing the Dan to Caplan’s Alex is Joshua Jackson. Caplan said that Jackson, whom she had never met before this series, is “so happy that Josh is playing the role.” He was the best partner. We had to do some really intense stuff together. It’s an erotic thriller with some physical violence. I trusted him throughout the entire process.

Cunningham hopes to bring together Caplan and Jackson, along with Amanda Peet, Dan’s wife Beth, in the story. Fatal Attraction In the present, we must honor what was before us.

Cunningham states, “We want people to be entertained who are familiarized with the touchstones and also people who don’t know what it is.” “If people are interested, they should be able to jump right in and enjoy the movie for its own merits even if it doesn’t provide context for bunny boiling.”

Fatal Attraction Paramount will be available in the early 2023.

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