Linda Cardellini had ‘ER’ flashbacks on set of ‘Dead to Me’ with Garret Dillahunt

Linda Cardellini had ‘ER’ flashbacks on set of ‘Dead to Me’ with Garret Dillahunt

” I killed him in my sleep on ER , so maybe he fares a bit better in this show,” the actress tells EW. You never know what you might find. “

The alums of the medical drama reunited in the final season. However, they are not separated spouses. In Dead To Me , Dillahunt, who played Steve Curtis (the abusive ex-husband and head ER nurse of Cardellini), assumes the role of Agent Glenn Moranis. He is a detective assigned to investigate Steve’s (James Marsden ) murder.

The first episode opens with Jen (Christina Applegate) and Judy (Cardellini) in the hospital after an inebriated Ben (also Marsden) hit them with his car. Cardellini laughs and responds, “sometimes!” when asked if the setting brought back her days as Samantha Taggart. Before referring to her reunion with Dillahunt.


Garret Dillahunt and Linda Cardellini in ‘ER’

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“I mean, I murder him in his sleep on ER, so maybe he fares a little better in this show,” Cardellini tells EW. You never know. Yes, I was definitely having ERR flashbacks all through that. Those were such good days. It was a great job. Those people were amazing. They are still my friends.” She jokes, “Sometimes, I get real-life flashbacks at the hospital, like, ‘Oh, God. ‘”

In the final chapter of Liz Feldman‘s Emmy-nominated dramedy, the police are on to Jen and Judy after Steve’s body is at long last discovered in the woods. Cardellini says there was “a big feeling of triumph” to be able to give the trauma-bonded BFFs a proper send-off this season, “because there was a lot that happened,” she says, alluding to Applegate’s multiple sclerosis diagnosis.

There was a “big feeling of completion and it was hard fought,” she said. It was also bittersweet. We enjoyed seeing each other all the while and we got really close. We relied on one another quite a lot throughout the finale, so there was a strong feeling that we were truly connected. Season 3 is now available on Netflix.

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