Like It Or Not, JJ McCarthy Is The key To “The Game”

Like It Or Not, JJ McCarthy Is The key To “The Game”

Quarterback JJ McCarthy arrived at Tuesday’s player press conference with the same confident, easygoing demeanor that he always displays.

He walked up to the podium and cracked a joke. He was unaffected by the pressure of the week and the game that will decide the fate of Michigan’s season seemed large. With Blake Corum’s status unknown and Michigan’s run first offense on the verge of collapse, McCarthy suddenly became the key to the game. But is he up to the task?

In his own words, he is more than ready.


“It feels like the stars are aligning,” McCarthy said. McCarthy said, “(The Game’s] finally here, it’s meant for to be. And we couldn’t be more excited for it, honestly.”

This game is McCarthy’s best chance all season to show his stuff. The Wolverines’ offensive game plan, the one that led them to 11-0 with the college football playoff well within reach, is no longer feasible. Running back Blake Corum, even if he’s available to play, won’t be 100 percent. Donovan Edwards is not a guarantee.

With the team’s reliance on the running game all season, McCarthy feels it is his time to shine. McCarthy stated that McCarthy needs to have the confidence to do so after a dip in form the team has experienced over the past few games One of our sayings is “just do you” and “I’m gonna do it next Saturday for sure.” “What I did to get me here, I’m gonna do that next Saturday for sure”

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What did McCarthy do to get to Ann Arbor? McCarthy dominated the high school football game with his confident, precise throws in tight windows, displaying high football intelligence.

But, at the college level that performance has been lacking is brief flashes. McCarthy showed that he can manage a passing game against Illinois, even if it was only for a quarter. McCarthy will have to sharpen his throws as Ohio State is likely to pose a greater threat than the Illini defensively.

McCarthy will be punished if he loses his confidence and poise in the pocket against the Buckeyes. Meditation could be his salvation.

“(Meditation is) huge,” McCarthy said. “Because it just centers you back, whether you’re in your bedroom, the woods, or back in Big House, it brings back inner peace and centering. It feels like home, no matter where I am.

JJ will need all the comfort possible in a hostile environment such as the Horseshoe on Saturday.

McCarthy is going to be on the line Saturday if his running game isn’t clicking. He has all the tools to beat Ohio State and they have all been displayed at times this season. He showed that he can make explosive plays with his arm earlier in the season. McCarthy showed against Illinois that he was able to control a game and win.

But with everything at stake against the Buckeyes, he will have the task of putting it all together for the first-time in the season.

It’s up to JJ.

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