LeBron James calls Vikings announcer Paul Allen a ‘national treasure’

LeBron James calls Vikings announcer Paul Allen a ‘national treasure’

The 20-year play-by-play voice of the Minnesota Vikings has been launched into the national spotlight.

LeBron and PA

Viral audio and video of Minnesota Vikings announcer Paul Allen has swept the nation since Sunday’s all-timer between the Vikings and Bills, going so far as to now have garnered the attention of NBA superstar LeBron James.

“WOW!!! Paul Allen is a National Treasure! LeBron tweeted after having seen video of Allen reacting to the original postings online by Vikings. This was then re-shared and re-shared later by Pat McAfee who has 2.6 millions followers.

“Thank you, LeBron. This team is so much fun. In a Twitter reply, Allen said that he appreciated the kindness.

LeBron viewed video of Allen’s reactions to the clip after Pat McAfee shared it – which was originally posted online in the Vikings – and sent it to his 2.6million followers.

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LeBron has 52.4 million followers. His reaction was tweeted after midnight Central Time, and beyond 1 a.m. Eastern Time. It’s safe to say that Allen is on track to become even more popular as the nation turns to light Thursday morning.

Allen’s highlights were shared all over the internet. Jim Rome, the long-time talk head, shared the entire clip of Allen’s call, when Bills QB Josh Allen lost the ball and Eric Kendricks returned the ball to the end zone for one the most unbelievable go-ahead touchdowns in NFL History.

” This dude’s great,” Rome said. “Unbelievable. “

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