Leaked Nashville Predators Reverse Retro Jersey?

Leaked Nashville Predators Reverse Retro Jersey?

The Preds teased their reverse retro reveal. Is this it?

There are very few things that rile up and divide a hockey fan base like talk of new team sweaters. Nashville has welcomed several special jerseys in recent years – the 2020 Winter Classic, the 2022 Stadium Series, and now…the reverse retro.

Shortly after the teaser video dropped from the official Predators site, another interesting tweet appeared.

Is this the Nashville reverse retro sweater, or is it? Possibly. The more forward facing logo is a throwback to the logo worn from the 2001-2002 season through the 2007-2008 by the Preds. As part of the Predators alternate logo, the shoulder patch features a patch featuring the saber tooth Tiger skull. It may not be the mustard yellow the Smashville fans are accustomed to or the straight navy they long for, but it could make a nice addition to Smashville’s sportswear.

But is this the official reverse retro? Many other teams had photos of their reverse retros posted on social media today. However, none were from the official team accounts. This is most likely the Predators’ new look.

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