Lakers News: Where L.A. Fits In Zach Lowe’s League Pass Rankings

Lakers News: Where L.A. Fits In Zach Lowe’s League Pass Rankings

ESPN NBA reporter Zach Lowe has unveiled his compulsively readable annual “League Pass Rankings,” an appraisal not exclusively of the quality, but more of the watchability of the league’s 30 franchises. Your Los Angeles Lakers were significantly more than they usually do when it comes down to their actual season plans.

Lowe clearly believes in the team’s overall watchability, if it is not its ultimate quality. Lowe notes that the team was actually ranked second in his 2021 League pass list. This is primarily due to his interest in Russell Westbrook, the team’s veteran point guard, alongside stars LeBron James or Anthony Davis.

Lowe said that last season’s club, which gave major minutes to veterans who were not in the league this season, was actually quite monotonous as a watch.

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Though Lowe notes James and Davis remain interesting, he doesn’t view this year’s vintage of the team as much of an upgrade. Lowe believes AD is a better fit to play center in a lineup that includes both James and Westbrook than the traditional five (Thomas Bryant, Damian Jones).

So why is L.A., a team projected to be a play-in club by many, listed this high?

Because Lowe believes the team has the best court in the NBA and a great selection of jerseys. He also loves the possibility of unintentional comedy with a team that is rife in potential chemistry problems. Lowe wonders if James will begin to look visibly annoyed with his teammates if Los Angeles appears doomed for a first-round exit later this season, and if assumed tensions between Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook, rivals on opposing teams but supposedly “best friends” on the same team, will eventually boil over into some questionable body language.

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