Kelly Clarkson duets with daughter, brings son on stage at Vegas show

Kelly Clarkson duets with daughter, brings son on stage at Vegas show

Watch Kelly Clarkson duet with her daughter, bring son on stage at Vegas show: ‘You did amazing’

The singer revealed that her children asked if they could perform with her during her ongoing residency.

Kelly Clarkson invited two very special guests to join her on stage at her Las Vegas residency last night: her daughter, River Rose, and her son, Remington. 

The Grammy-winning musician performed a duet of her 2015 hit “Heartbeat Song” with her 9-year-old daughter and threw a mini dance party to the tune of “Whole Lotta Woman” with her 7-year-old son during the show Friday night.

Before bringing her kids on stage, Clarkson told the audience that River Rose and Remington had asked if they could “dance or sing something” with her at the residency, which began last month. “I was like, ‘Okay!'” she recalled, “‘That sounds incredible. What song do you want to do?'”

Clarkson explained that River Rose selected “Heartbeat Song” because it holds a special place in her daughter’s heart, and that she got all dressed-up for the occasion. “She’s been jamming to this song since she was a baby,” the pop star said. “She loves this song so much, so she was like, ‘Can I sing this song?'” she said. “She picked her dress, y’all. River Rose, come on out here!”

The mother-daughter duo shared a hug before Clarkson exclaimed, “She looks beautiful!”

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“Oh my god,” River Rose said after walking out on stage, before Clarkson quickly calmed her daughter’s nerves. “I love you so much. You killed it at sound check!” she said. “Are you ready to sing ‘Heartbeat Song?'”

The pair faced one another as they sang, with River Rose throwing her hand in the air and jumping up and down during its chorus. Clarkson frequently praised her daughter throughout the performance, proudly pointing out each time River Rose executed a high note or vocal riff. 

When the song concluded, they were met with thunderous applause. “Give it up for River Rose, everybody!” Clarkson yelled. Her daughter added, “Thank you everyone!” Before River Rose left the stage, Clarkson celebrated her daughter one last time, telling her, “You look gorgeous! You did amazing. I love you.”

While River Rose may have been a bit shy at first, Remington was definitely ready to join his mom for a good old-fashioned dance party. Clarkson called his choice “the coolest song for a dude to pick,” adding, “I was like, ‘He’s destined for greatness just for loving this song alone.'” 

Giving her son a quick hug, Clarkson explained to the crowd that he was initially concerned about dancing in front of “a whole lot of people” but that she reminded him it was just like one of the dance parties they often throw at home. In response, Remy began showing off some of his adorable dance skills. 

As the song started, Clarkson shouted, “Get it, Remy!” Leaning down to her son’s height, she sang as Remy hopped, shook his arms, and happily looked up at his mom throughout the performance. Clarkson’s backup singers could also be seen dancing behind them and pointing out Remy’s smooth moves.

“Give it up for Remy B!” Clarkson cheered afterward, lifting her son high up into the air as the crowd began to cheer his name. He jumped up and down in celebration, arms raised high in the air, before leaving the stage.

Watch Clarkson perform with her kids in the videos above.

Additional reporting by Patrick Gomez.

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