Kate Winslet self-identifies as a water person — ‘all ‘Titanic’ jokes aside’

Kate Winslet self-identifies as a water person — ‘all ‘Titanic’ jokes aside’

Now, when she says ALL Titanic jokes…

Lester Fabian Brathwaite

Kate Winslet plus a tank of water equals box office gold.

In the above clip from the featurette “New Characters of Pandora” — available on the digital release — Winslet discusses returning to the water, how she really didn’t have a choice about taking the part of Ronal, and how she helped shape the character.

When Winslet told her kids that Cameron had sent her the Avatar script, they didn’t give her much of a choice about taking the part. But the “added water element” might have really sealed the deal for her.

Kate Winslet https://www.dropbox.com/s/ftdxopgl8ponav6/Kate Winslet – FINAL.mov?dl=0 Avatar featurette

Kate Winslet in ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’

| Credit: 20th Century Studios

“I am a water person,” Winslet says, “All Titanic jokes aside.”

“The New Characters of Pandora” featurette introduces important new characters in the Avatar saga played by Winslet, Cliff Curtis (Tonowari), Edie Falco (Gen. Ardmore), Brendan Cowell (Scoresby), and Jemaine Clement (Dr. Gavin).

“Kate has quite a presence in the film,” Cameron says. “She’s not really like anybody else in the movie. Maybe Neytiri (Zoe Saldaña) is the closest because they’re both very strong, alpha characters. And, of course, they clash. That was fun. Watching them meet and clash is one of my favorite parts of the film.”

Winslet praised Cameron as well, particularly for inviting her to collaborate on the development of Ronal, a pregnant free diver of the water-based Metkayina.

“The character really, really evolved as a specific result of the conversations between Jim and myself,” Winslet adds.

Watch the video above to see the incredible process of filming Winslet underwater, as well as more from the actress and Cameron about developing the character. Avatar: The Way of Water will be available exclusively to purchase on digital March 28.

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