Josh Williams Confirms He Will Return To LSU For 2023 Season

Josh Williams Confirms He Will Return To LSU For 2023 Season

LSU Running back Josh Williams confirmed Monday that he will be returning to Baton Rouge for another season, he announced Monday on The Jordy Culotta Show.

Williams, who has just completed his undergraduate degree, will be pursuing his MBA at LSU.

The Tigers’ starting back is returning, providing additional depth for the future. This gives him the opportunity to carry his momentum from 2022 into 2023.

Here’s a profile of Williams, our player profile from this fall.

Josh Williams is more than a football player. The former walk-on has never let go of the grind and holds himself to a higher standard at all levels of competition, no matter what sport.

Williams is more than a football player. The powerful running back is a well-rounded individual, putting his family first and his teammates first as well as having passions in other areas.

Williams wasn’t even his first love. Basketball was his first love. He didn’t think football was the right sport for him, but he was a skilled basketball player.

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Williams excelled on the hardwood in middle school, and even further, and his basketball journey took him all over. Not just in the United States, but around the globe.

The LSU power back, just before his freshman year, traveled to China to show his skills with many of his former teammates. But that wasn’t the best.

Williams was able to be coached by some NBA Hall of Famers, an experience he remembers as one of the most memorable moments of his life.

Williams stated, “I went to China during my freshman year of highschool and played in five professional matches with Hakeem Olajuwon (and Clyde Drexler)”. “We went there for 2 weeks, and De’Aaron Fox joined us. He plays for the Sacramento Kings.”

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“There were many people who came with us. We were there for two week and traveled, played at five arenas, and played against professional and high school Chinese teams.

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Naturally, the question is: Why not make a career out of basketball?

Williams was a gifted child who had the opportunity to show his talents in a variety settings. Williams’ goal was to follow his father’s lead and give his best on the gridiron.

Williams stated that football was his strongest sport. “Even though basketball was my passion, football has always been the best sport for me. My father was a professional player so I wanted to play.

Williams had always hoped to be able to wear the purple and gold. He couldn’t refuse the chance to play in Tiger Stadium, and show his skills, even though it was a preferred walkon at that time.

“LSU has always been my dream school. Williams stated that LSU has always been a dream school for him. It’s that intoxicating feeling of seeing LSU as a child. Despite all the things I was going through, I believed that I could make it here, no matter what. That’s why I decided to make that bet and made that decision.

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It was a gamble that paid off. Williams received a scholarship and significant reps shortly after arriving in Baton Rouge. But it wasn’t all easy sailing. His journey was not without its challenges, including COVID, a knee injury and other issues. But, he never lost his faith.

The former hoops star was a travel ball player on the Adidas Circuit for Team Yes II(2) Success. He knew where he wanted to take his career from the beginning and it was a risk worth taking.

Williams, the Tigers’ third down back, is a reliable resource when needed. Former walk-on, Williams is an offensive coordinator Mike Denbrock’s safety net. He continues to live his dream and plays with a sense urgency.

Williams stated, “I feel like i have something to prove.” “I have a chip in my shoulder.”

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