Josh Brolin poses nude to tease ‘Outer Range’ season 2

Josh Brolin poses nude to tease ‘Outer Range’ season 2

Josh Brolin poses nude to tease Outer Range season 2: ‘We are taking things in a different direction’

Well, this is one way to sell a show.

Josh Brolin leaves little to the imagination in a revealing new photo from the set of Outer Range season 2.

The star posed nude for the pic, which he shared on Instagram, teasing a “different direction” for season 2 of the Prime Video sci-fi Western.

“Prepping for a scene for Outer Range season 2,” he captioned the post. “We are taking things in a different direction now. It’s a shifting world and we have to be sensitive to all. Power of example is everything, so examples we are.”

“We aren’t supposed to post photos from the show, but this isn’t really during the show, but rather lunch outside in the beautiful Santa Fe desert,” Brolin said.

The actor leads the series as Royal Abbott, a Wyoming rancher fighting for his land with a rival family and coping with the disappearance of his daughter-in-law. The tensions come to a head when a mysterious black void opens up in the Abbotts’ pastures. The series, which also stars Imogen Poots, Lewis Pullman, Tom Pelphrey, Will Patton, and Noah Reid, was renewed last fall.

“He’s created a foundation that’s all about selflessly protecting his family,” he said of his character. “But because of holding onto secrets, that foundation is precarious and fragile. When he’s hit by this unknown thing, that foundation goes crumbling.”

Josh Brolin in Outer Range

Josh Brolin on ‘Outer Range’

| Credit: Amazon Prime

He continued, “I liked the idea of taking a stereotype and killing it. It was scary for me because you have to be more emotional and walk on this uncertain plane. As an actor, that was really interesting to me. I was just looking at it like, ‘Why are you doing TV after 20 years?’ Because it frightened me. It’s a big swing, and I like that.”

Brolin has a penchant for posing nude, having shared a photo on Instagram in 2020 that featured him taking a sip from a coffee cup sans clothes.

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