Jordan Poole Breaks Silence on Draymond Green’s Apology For Punch

Jordan Poole Breaks Silence on Draymond Green’s Apology For Punch

Jordan Poole had an extremely busy off-season. The young star has had a busy off-season. From his major incident with Draymond green to signing a four year, million contract for the Warriors, it has been nonstop. During Sunday’s press conference, he finally spoke out about Draymond’s apology.

“He sincerely apologized and we will treat ourselves the same way,” Poole stated. “We’re here for basketball, and everyone in the locker room and on our team know what it takes to win championships. We’re going to do that on the court. This is all I can say about the matter. We are here to win a championship, and keep raising banners. Any questions regarding the contract situation, the extension, winning back-to-back championships, or anything basketball-related, I’m all ears. “

It is easy to forget that Jordan Poole has only 23years old. He’s a young player who has managed to manage such a volatile off-season with great professionalism. They must maintain their professionalism if the Warriors are to be successful this season and win back-to-back titles. It’s going to be a difficult season for the Warriors to win. However, it is important to remain professional. The Warriors are less than one week away from opening night. But winning is what will bring out the best in you.

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