John Wall Reacts to Kentucky Basketball Copying His Dougie

John Wall Reacts to Kentucky Basketball Copying His Dougie

John Wall is an icon for his play on court during his time with Washington Wizards. But his dance moves were equally popular. Wall became famous for his pre-game dougie. He also popularized his own version of the dance, the “John Wall” version.

After bringing his dougie back to the LA Clippers’ recent open practice, Wall has people performing his dance again, including his former school. The Kentucky men’s basketball team posted a video to Twitter showing each player doing their best “John Wall” dance. Some attempted his moves while others did the standard dougie.

Not long after it was posted, Wall shared his reaction:

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After all he’s been through the last few years, seeing John Wall happy is simply a joy for basketball fans around the league. Wall’s return to the dougie brought back memories for many, especially those who grew up supporting him in Washington. Wall helped define NBA basketball in the early 2010’s, and having been away from the game for almost two years now, was severely missed by the fans who watched him back then. John Wall is now in a great spot with LA Clippers and hopes to help them win their first title. He will also be dancing at the championship parade in eight months.

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