Jaguars DVOA, EPA Update: Where Do Trevor Lawrence and the Team Rank After Week 7?

Jaguars DVOA, EPA Update: Where Do Trevor Lawrence and the Team Rank After Week 7?

Each week throughout the rest of the 2022 season, we will keep a running track on how the Jacksonville Jaguars stack up in some of the most pivotal and stable advanced team metrics, along with how Trevor Lawrence ranks among all qualifying passers.

For reference on last week’s numbers, here are the Jaguars’ and Lawrence’s rankings after Week 6.

So, where do the Jaguars land after their 23-17 loss to the Colts? Below is a breakdown.


In terms of overall ranking, the Jaguars are the No. 9 team in Football Outsiders’ DVOA rankings. They were No. They were No. 8 last week.

The Jaguars now have No. 11 offense (same as last week), No. 18 defense (down from No. 10 last week), and the No. 13 special teams (down from No. 18 last week.


All EPA/Success Rate stats are via

DVOA: No. 11

Passing DVOA: No. 7

Rushing DVOA: No. 18

EPA/Play: No. 10

Success rate: No. 7

Dropback EPA: No. 6

Dropback success rate: No. 6

Rushing EPA: No. 19

Rushing success rate: No. 13

Jacksonville’s offense has been one of the more solid ones in the league through seven games. And even in the two games they haven’t scored many points in — Week 5 and Week 7 — they still picked up over 400 yards in each contest and more or less marched down the field with ease. Although the offense is good, the Jaguars need to improve in the red-zone and at game’s end.

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All EPA/Success Rate stats are via

DVOA: No. 18

Pass DVOA: No. 18

Rush DVOA: No. 15

EPA/Play: No. 12

Success rate: No. 12

Dropback EPA: No. 11

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Dropback success rate: No. 17

Rushing EPA: No. 21

Rushing success rate: No. 15

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. After a great first five weeks, the Jaguars defense has been smashed, sliced, diced, and all other adjectives you can think of. Their numbers are really hurting from the lack of negative plays, such as turnovers and sacks. Also, big plays in crucial moments in the red-zone or on third-down against both run and pass really hurt their numbers. Mike Caldwell’s unit seems to be in a state of disarray.

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Trevor Lawrence

DYAR: No. 9

DVOA: No. 7

QBR: No. 16

Effective yards: No. 8

Completion %: No. 23

TD%: No. 17

INT%: No. 10

Y/A: No. 19

AY/A: No. 16

NY/A: No. 13

ANY/A: No. 13

Sack%: No. 6

EPA/play: No. 10

CPOE: No. 25

Success rate: No. 5

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Trevor Lawrence’s rough stretch between Weeks 4-5 appears to be over. He has been very efficient in the last two weeks, particularly on third-downs. He has not turned the ball over once this year, with seven of his eight turnovers occurring in that two-week stretch. Although it won’t always be pretty, Lawrence seems to be improving each week. The Jaguars have found their quarterback.

“He’s done a great job leading the football team the last two weeks. He played hard yesterday from a physical standpoint. He was physical. Doug Pederson, Jaguars head coach, said that he took some shots there and stood tall.

“That last drive with a minute and four, I think, left, we ran about 10 plays or so, and he took some shots there. It’s great to see him get back in the right position. We just need to keep him on the right track, keep him focused. We don’t need to get discouraged by where we are. We’re still right there with all that’s happening. We’ve just got to find a way to get one win.”

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