Idris Elba’s troubled TV detective gets a new chapter in upcoming ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ film

Idris Elba’s troubled TV detective gets a new chapter in upcoming ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun’ film

Idris Elba continues his troubled story as a TV detective in Luther: The Fallen Sun Movie

Elba says that Elba is haunted by the things he’s done. He crosses paths with Andy Serkis and Cynthia Erivo as new characters.

It’s been almost four years since our last visit. Idris ElbaJohn Luther, and he It wasn’t in a good place. The 2019 finale of Luther, The BBC series is dark and about a complicated detective. He is taken into custody and cuffed with Schenk (Dermott Crowley) before being sent to prison. Now he’s back for a movie continuation, reunited with his director Jamie Payne as well as series creator Neil Cross.

Elba says Elba has been in a number of films during the interim. Fast and Furious: Hobbs & Shaw The harder they fall, the more difficult they are And Thor: Love and Thunder. “So that’s where the story begins. He is contemplating what he will do with his life.

Elba claims that the movie version was made possible by the show’s passionate fans. To get up to speed, viewers don’t have to watch all five seasons.

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Director Payne says that “the story in some aspects continues — if one binges the series from the first season to the film, then the story is continuous.” “But, because the film has had such a wider platform, we felt it was important that the film had its own story if someone was just starting to watch it. You could then watch the film again and binge-watch the series. We all wanted the audience to be able to access the series and the lore.

Much of the lore revolves around the antihero at its center, who is at times dedicated, destructive, troubled and magnetic. Even though there are some new faces (Cynthia Erivo, Andy Serkis) Luther’s motivations are the same.

Elba says that Luther is haunted. “Even though he is a free man, Elba can’t help but chase the ghosts that get in his head. This is what I believe drives him in this movie. He is haunted by the things he has done, the things he could do, and the people who have died.

Payne says that Luther has been changed by prison, and that viewers have also changed since Luther’s last appearance. The director says that the film “really digs into, again,” our primal fears. “We all have been in a place where we were literally locked inside our houses for a time.” We are all so visible in our modern society. It’s almost as if I can see through the vast walls between our hearts into each other’s lives in a way we have never seen before. That makes us all vulnerable, I think.”

What is Luther’s new cinematic story? Elba explains that Luther’s old case, which he didn’t solve or put to rest, creeps back into his life. John can’t help but get involved and get him.

We can’t help but watch.

Luther: The Fallen Sun On Netflix, it will debut March 2023

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