Huskers Make Many Offseason Changes

Huskers Make Many Offseason Changes

The secret to change is to not focus on the past but on building the future.
– Socrates

From 1962 to 2002, the Husker football program was the hallmark of stability. In those 41 years, Nebraska had a total of three head coaches and three athletic directors. That span also produced five national championships, three Heisman winners, several Outland winners, a Butkus award winner and 39 bowl game appearances.

Stability coupled with great players and great coaches made Nebraska a very tough team to beat during that time.

Contrast that to this offseason when Nebraska replaced five assistant coaches who in turn brought in 15 players via the transfer portal. It’s amazing that many of the same Husker fans who applauded stability while the Huskers were crushing opponents are now almost thrilled about all the offseason changes.

That’s understandable. It was clear that something had to change after last year’s 3-9 and four previous losing Husker seasons. If nothing changed with the Husker football program after 2021, it would have been the classic definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Scott Frost needed to act quickly. He is well aware that change can be a two-headed monster. But far too many of the changes Nebraska made from 2002-2021 were self-destructive. During that time, the Huskers had five head coaches, five ADs, no Heisman winners, zero Butkus winners, zero national championships, zero conference championships, eight losing seasons and 12 bowl game appearances (none since 2016). The question is: Will Frost & Company’s changes make the Huskers a better team this fall?

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The answer is … drumroll … No one knows.

We really won’t know until Nebraska gets into the meat of its ’22 schedule when the Huskers take on the likes of Oklahoma, Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, Minnesota and Iowa. Let’s not forget the Northwestern Wildcats in Dublin (Ireland) on Aug. 27.

Husker supporters hope (praying!) that the Husker football team will have at least one winning record. Perhaps eight or nine wins?

Summer can be a great time to dream. Imagine the Huskers going to a New Year’s Day bowl match. Sit back on your lawn chair and close your eyes. The crowd is wild! Nebraska is back!

We can dream, can we?

How ‘Bout Them Huskers

After a two-week hiatus, grandson Will and I are back doing our weekly podcasts. This week, we discuss the Husker tight ends and wide receivers. Here’s the link.

Upcoming podcast guests include Heisman winner Eric Crouch, former Husker offensive lineman Cole Pensick, former Husker placekicker Byron Bennett, former Nebraska astronaut Clayton Anderson and former Husker D-lineman Terry Connealy. We are also looking to have Tom Osborne and Dan Whitney (Larry The Cable Guy), on our podcast.

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