Highly Touted Defensive End Keldric Faulk Discusses ‘Rocky Top Palooza’ Visit

Highly Touted Defensive End Keldric Faulk Discusses ‘Rocky Top Palooza’ Visit

Tennessee hosted an impressive number of top recruits at its Memorial Day “Rocky Top Palooza.” recruiting event. Volunteer Country has updates from multiple men after Tennessee’s exit. Keldric Faulk, Alabama’s highly-respected defensive lineman, shares his thoughts about the weekend trip to Rocky Top.

“Today’s visit was enjoyable,” Faulk stated. “Chill, laid back and had fun today. It was great to spend time with coaches. “

Faulk was able see the things he had hoped to see during his time in Knoxville after the visit.

” “Just that it’s great place to be,” Faulk said about this. It’s what I came back for. They want me to give them the last official I have left. It was more about me coming up here, and how I fit in, and how coaches coach, and things like that. “

Faulk already has trips to Florida, Florida State and Clemson. So, does he know if Tennessee will receive his fifth official visit?

“He said that he was still unsure. I need to talk with my family first. They have a good chance of getting it as of right now. “

Other schools that are vying to be there for the last time include Ole Miss, Michigan and Tennessee.

He was able to find out more about his role in the Tennessee defense during the weekend at Rocky Top. It began Friday afternoon.

” They want me to play defensive line,” he said. “They play outside linebackers at other schools.” They may drop down in coverage occasionally, but they view me as a handful of dirt defensive end. This is something I enjoy. That’s where I feel most at ease. It feels much more comfortable to me. “

Faulk spent the weekend with Nico Iamaleava, as well as other top Tennessee recruits and commits. The conversation was easy.

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“They asked me how it was, and I told them it was pretty good,” Faulk said of this. They said it was a wonderful place to be. They suggested that we take a closer look and give it a chance. That’s exactly what I’m going do. “

” “It wasn’t football, it was more about having fun with coaches and seeing their real personalities,” Faulk stated of the conversation with the coaches during the trip.

Faulk spent most of his time with Rodney Garner. The veteran defensive line coach was one of the highlights.

“Faulk said that he was privileged to have seen Coach Garner perform. “That was very funny. It was quite funny to watch him move. He will dance. “

The idea of playing for a coach who has a long history like Garner’s is appealing to the highly sought-after defensive end.

“It makes it feel more comfortable because he seems like he knows what’s talking about.” When I go to these places, it’s like “Is he going to teach me something?” Or will he just show me things I already know? I believe [Garner] would be the one who teaches me something. “

Faulk enjoyed Tennessee’s multi-day visit.

” “It’s great environment,” he said. Everything is close to student-athletes. It’s convenient. There are dormitories right here, a facility right here, and classes not too far away. “

What is the decision timeline for the highly sought-after pass rusher?

” I had the officials scheduled in June and I plan on making a decision towards the middle of this season, not at the end. If it’s possible to make it a midweek decision, I’ll do so. If not, it will likely be in the fall. “

Faulk said it would come down to who gets his commitment.

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