Helping Hand? Dallas Cowboys WRs CeeDee Lamb And T.Y Hilton Building Bond Ahead of Game vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Helping Hand? Dallas Cowboys WRs CeeDee Lamb And T.Y Hilton Building Bond Ahead of Game vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

T.Y Hilton, a new Dallas Cowboys receiver, and CeeDee lamb, a CeeDee Lamb associate, are already building a strong relationship. They offer advice and pointers to each other.

Dallas Cowboys receiver T.Y. Hilton is trying his best to fit in at The Star. Signed earlier in the week for the teamThe former Indianapolis Colt has worked hard to get up to speed on Kellen Moore’s offense.

He is also receiving assistance from CeeDee Lamb is a fellow receiverThey have been doing so since Frisco’s veteran arrived.

“Today, I spoke to him quite a lot more than I did.” [in his first practice]Lamb spoke highly of Hilton. “I feel like he needs to get more comfortable here, and I let him be aware that I’m available for any questions he might have. In a sense, it’s him helping me and I helping him. [He helps me by] just critiquing me.”

Hilton’s addition to Cowboys’ roster is great for on-field support, but he will also be valuable off the field. Hilton, 33, is the oldest Dallas receiver and brings a wealth experience to the table.

It is something Lamb will take full advantage of.

Lamb stated that he has seen the game for some time, so anything he has to say about route running or a release is a positive, especially since it comes from him.

Hilton had been working out at The Star earlier this week, which could have raised concerns, as Hilton only played 10 games last season due to injury.

Lamb had one thought after seeing the practice of the veteran.

Lamb said, “Oh, he’s able to run, he’s able to run,”

Hilton’s ability to help the cause remains to be seen. 10-3 Cowboys win against the Jaguars to secure a playoff spotHowever, it is possible that we will see him at TIAA Field. Lamb is working to help him get there. Hilton wants to help Dallas get “over the hump” and toward playoff success.

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