‘He’d Pick Liverpool Over (Manchester) United

Glen Johnson, an ex-right-back for England and Liverpool, has offered his verdict on the Benfica transfer pursuit for Darwin Nunez.

Reliable journalist Paul Joyce reported on Sunday that Liverpool are interested in the 22-year-old, although will not take part in a bidding war with the likes of Manchester United for his services.

Darwin Nunez

Speaking in his column on bettingodds.com, Johnson thinks if it comes to a choice between the northwest rivals, the Uruguayan will opt for Liverpool,

“You’d think Nunez would head to Anfield if it’s between Liverpool and Manchester United. We know that Manchester United doesn’t have the same pulling power as they once had.

“There was a time when Manchester United came calling then the answer was ‘yes’. This is not the case now. If Liverpool and Manchester United were to go head-to-head for him, then I’m sure he would choose Liverpool. “

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Johnson also went on to say that Liverpool may have to change their strategy when it comes to transfers if they want to stay at the top of the game.

“If Liverpool are to pay the PS100 million that Benfica supposedly want for him, then that’s against their structure and the way they do business, but that’s the way the game is going. They will not open up to this, and others will profit from it.

“I do like the way Liverpool do their business, but they need to be a bit flexible with it because the other big guns will be willing to pay it, whether it’s against their protocols or not.”

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