‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ cast has released a music video

‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’ cast has released a music video

Rise of the Pink Ladies cast creates music video for Grease title song

Grease is the time, is the place, is the motion…

Author Maureen Lee Lenker

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies has released its first music video — and it’s electrifying!

On Thursday, Paramount dropped a full-length music video for its new prequel series, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies. It features Marisa Davila’s Jane, wearing a Rydell High letterman jacket, singing the 1978 film’s title song as originally sung by Frankie Valli.

Davila, who bookends the number, previously told EW about her new character Jane, leader of this iteration of the Pink Ladies. “She is just passionate about fairness and wanting to be everybody’s friend,” she said. “She comes on a little too strong and is learning that her incredible personality isn’t always accepted by other people. She wants to do what’s right. She leads with her heart. She’s a student first, so as much as she tends to be a leader, she learns something new every day from her friends.”

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies | Grease Is The Word (Official Music Video) | Paramount

Marisa Davila from ‘Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies’

| Credit: Paramount

The song then takes us through a sock-hop’s worth of choreography as we shoo-bop-bop our way through various friend groups at the drive-in, including ladies making out with their boyfriends in cars, a group of greasers on motorbikes, and a local girl whose unknown past history with the other Rydell High students makes her ballsy for daring to “show her face.”

All in all, it also presents a Rydell High with a far more diverse student body than the version in the original film, a deliberate shift to make the issues of these teenagers relatable to teens today. “The characters run into a lot of the same situations that people in the present day might be dealing with,” Davila said previously.

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“Any time you do a period piece, you are using a little bit of a modern lens and you’re talking about what’s different and also what hasn’t changed,” creator Annabel Oakes told EW. “It’s really interesting to go down both of those paths at once.”

That also means it’s an opportunity to include characters of color and storylines that wouldn’t have been central in 1978, exploring questions of social justice and more.

All of that is evident in this music video, and there’s also 31 new songs for audiences to enjoy in store. Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies premieres on Paramount on April 6.

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