‘Ginny & Georgia’ star Brianne Howey talks murder, men, and that season 2 ending

‘Ginny & Georgia’ star Brianne Howey talks murder, men, and that season 2 ending

Warning: This post contains spoilers Ginny & Georgia Season 2.

Georgia Miller had almost everything she wanted: A husband she loved and a large house for her children. She also had a community that she could call home. It all ended.

The season 2 finale of Ginny & Georgia Georgia Miller (BrianneHowey) is a story about how fierce single mom Georgia Miller (BrianneHowey) will do anything to protect her family. But Georgia’s past caught up to her. Well, her recent past. Georgia was driven from her wedding reception in a police car after she killed Cynthia (Sabrina Grdevich). Talk about an exit!

EW spoke to Howey about Georgia’s Season 2 journey and the heartbreaking ending.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY – Did you travel to find inspiration when you were given this job?

BRIANNE HOWEY Truthfully, I grew-up with a young single mother. My mom adopted me at 21. When I first read the script, I was shocked to see so much of Georgia. She’s savvy. She did what was necessary to take care of us. And she was incredibly creative. That relationship resonated with my heart right away. I find it helps me to get into character. It’s so expressive and musical, and Georgia is so performative. It’s so easy to lean in.

I appreciated that Georgia didn’t immediately give in to Ginny (Antoniagentry) and apologize for her actions. She stands by her actions, even when her daughter is upset about it.

Georgia’s worldview may be more narrow than that of others. Georgia does what she needs to do. My mom, who was a successful software consultant, worked in a furniture store once or twice to get the discount we needed to furnish our home. It’s the little things that make it easy to do what you have to do. When your options are limited, you need to be more creative and savvy. Georgia doesn’t see any other options, I believe. These are her most obvious options and the only choice.

Season 2: Ginny and Georgia star talks

Brianne Howey portrays Georgia in ‘Ginny & Georgia.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Ginny and Georgia are not on friendly terms when we first meet them in season 2. How was it for you to play Georgia with her daughter?

Season 2 is where we really begin to see Georgia’s cracks. Georgia is closer to breaking down than we have ever seen her. And I think we are seeing the mask unveiled more than ever. This is true for all characters, but Georgia is the most notable.

I have to ask: Do she really love Paul (Scott Porter), or is that just a rumor?

She is 100% committed to Paul. Georgia was never allowed to think about herself selfishly. Maybe if she didn’t have her two young children, or if she lived a different life, her romantic relationships might be different. But that’s not the case. She has to see the whole picture right now, and I don’t think she’s too concerned about her own self-interest at the moment. It’s about taking good care of the children and making sure everything is okay, and that includes Paul. She does, in fact, love Paul.

It’s almost as if she lives her whole life in survival mode.

100 percent.

She must be so tired.

It is exhausting to be a Georgian.[[Laughs]It’s a lot. It was perfect. This is exactly what I write in the scripts as I take notes as I go. I think, “This is Georgia’s survivor-mode.” It all works when there are no other options. That’s when you can’t be selfish or think only about yourself. There are many things Georgia does that could be considered slightly selfish. Sure. She says that she is doing this for her children. Georgia is not averse to gray areas, but her children are the only thing she sees in black and white.

I love the way Georgia can become a terrifying lioness in a split second. Then, in the next moment, Gil (Aaron Ashmore), arrives and you see the scared little girl who’s been through so much.

It’s so sad. He takes her back there. Your instincts must kick in. You don’t have the time to think.

Season 2: Ginny and Georgia star talks

Diesel La Torraca, Brianne Howey, in ‘Ginny & Georgia.

| Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

You’re not playing young Georgia. But how can flashbacks help you to build your character?

I love Nikki [Roumel]. Everything she does with young Georgians is amazing. It helps inform the dialogue as well as Georgia’s responses. It is amazing to see how Georgia is on-brand and to know that this is Georgia as she has always been.

How was it to film the scene in which Georgia discovers that Ginny is self-harming?

There was so much anticipation. Antonia and my stomachs were knotted for weeks. It was important to me and I wanted it to be honored. I didn’t want to ruin it. It was easy to work with Antonia. I can see her face and feel tapped in. She’s so vulnerable and honest. I’m there. That makes it easier. It’s still quite devastating. But mental health must be discussed. It is vital.

Another important season 2 moment to discuss: What did Georgia do to kill Cynthia’s husband in Season 2?

This was clearly a huge topic. This is where George’s worldview becomes somewhat limited. Cynthia blocking Gil’s application was perhaps the most kind act anyone has ever done to her. This is Georgia’s way of repaying her favor. I was put out of my misery by you, so how can I help you get out of yours? This makes sense in Georgia’s limited toolbox and makes it easy to help them move forward.

Season 2: Ginny and Georgia star talks

Brianne Howey portrays Georgia in ‘Ginny & Georgia.

| Credit: Amanda Matlovich/Netflix

What was your reaction to Georgia being handcuffed at the end of the season?

It’s perfect, I think. She lets go of her guard and says, “I’m truly happy this is all working,” then the other shoe drops. Georgia’s reality is always brought up. Georgia is what she is because of that. Although she knew it was impossible to believe, she still believed in the fantasy. Also, I was actually crying while we were filming the scene where Diesel, who plays Austin is running after it. They said, “Georgia cannot cry here.” He was so beautiful, it broke my heart to watch him!

Final question: Do you ship Georgia and Joe (Raymond Ablack), as hard as the rest of the globe?

[[Laughs]It’s hard to not love Zion, but it’s so easy. [Nathan Mitchell] Paul. It’s been so heartwarming to watch Paul in the house this season. It’s so charming to see him trying so hard with the children. Zion and those phone conversations are another great thing. I love making those phone calls with him. They have such a special bond and I love watching Georgia become flustered by this new woman in her life. It’s difficult. It’s extremely complicated.

However, we did have that moment when Georgia remembered Joe.

It was so satisfying! It was so sweet. It’s so much fun to play Georgia around him. She doesn’t feel judged, as she says. I don’t know of anything more beautiful.

This interview has been edited for clarity and length.

Ginny & GeorgiaThe second season of’s is available on Netflix now.

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