Giants Saquon Barkley Lauds Internal Processes That’s Producing Success

Giants Saquon Barkley Lauds Internal Processes That’s Producing Success

The New York Giants are now 4-1 through the first five week of the season. This is the same record as their win total from a season ago.

It’s a great start for this team, which was not what we expected. However, it’s just the beginning, according Saquon Barkley, running back.

“Yeah it’s a great beginning. 4-1. After the Giants beat the Packers, Barkley stated that it was where you want to go. “But you shouldn’t get too involved in it. You have to keep working and there’s a reason we’re 4-1. That’s because of our process. “

Despite a record of 3-1, there were many people in the NFL who were skeptical about the Giants and their opponents. Barkley insists that this win is not a statement for the league, but more of a victory for the locker rooms and the entire organization.

” I don’t believe it’s a statement to the league. It’s the NFL, to be honest. This is not college. It isn’t like you’re playing at Penn State and going against your Week 1 team who is someone you should beat by 40,” he said. It’s the NFL and it’s difficult to win in this league. We can’t even concentrate on that. If anyone wants to take us seriously or not, the main thing we got to focus on is the interior, inside our building, continue to love the process and continue to get better, and continue to lean on each other and find ways to get wins.”

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This was a game where it took everybody on the offense to will the team to victory. The Giants had to consider names that they wouldn’t normally use, due to many injuries, particularly at wide receiver.

Wide receiver Darius Slayton, buried on the depth chart heading into the season, stepped up big with six receptions for 79 yards. Receiver Marcus Johnson, a practice squad elevation, had three catches for 35 yards, including a huge 16-yard catch for a first down.

Another name that saw offensive snaps was second-year running back Gary Brightwell, who scored his first NFL touchdown to tie the game at 20. The Giants’ success so early in the season is due to their excellent coaching. In the past, Giants teams would not have played in this type game against the Packers. In recent years, the Giants have found many ways to lose, and it seems that the script has been changed. They now find every way to win.

” This is a standard, culture, and coaches. Barkley stated that he believes the culture, coaches, and standard have changed. “There have been many times in my career when we’ve been in a difficult situation in the first few games. We always end up on one side or the other.” We are working hard to find a way to get on the right side. It’s all due to the process.

” It’s all because of how we get to work. All because our guys love to be coached like our coaches coach. Everyone from the top to the training staff, to the guys in the lunchroom, to the equipment guys, everyone. We got a really good thing going in the facility, and we’ve just got to keep building on it.”

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