Get your first look at John Corbett’s return to Aidan on ‘And Just Like That’

Get your first look at John Corbett’s return to Aidan on ‘And Just Like That’

And just like that… Aidan is back! See first look of John Corbett’s return to the world of Sex and the City

OMG! Carrie and Aidan are holding hands!

Author Maureen Lee Lenker

If you couldn’t help but wonder what a reunited Aidan and Carrie might look like, well, your wait is over.

“Shh. Don’t tell anyone,” the caption read.

In the first season of And Just Like That, Carrie Bradshaw lost the love of her life, Mr. Big (Chris Noth), after he suffered a heart attack while working out. The move evoked a lot of controversy, not only from devastated fans, but also from Peloton, who were perturbed at the implications that their product killed this fictional character.

Noth was supposed to make an appearance in the season 1 finale of the HBO revival, but it ended up being restricted only to voiceover with many speculating that the reduced role was due to allegations of sexual assault against the actor. Creator Michael Patrick King declined to comment on the matter, but the stars of the revival made public statements in support of Noth’s accusers.

And Just Like That…

But now, it looks like Carrie might be finding love in the arms of an old paramour. In the original Sex and the City series, Aidan was her other primary love interest besides Big. They dated for two extended periods and were even engaged for a time following his season 4 proposal. Later, Carrie learned that Aidan had married and had a baby with his wife, Kathy.

The last we saw Aidan was in the feature film Sex and the City 2, where Carrie discovered he had two additional children.

But whether he’s now divorced or his wife suffered a tragic Nordic Track accident remains to be seen. Either way, Aidan and Carrie are looking pretty cozy in this new set of photos.

Corbett was rumored to be returning to the franchise in season 1 of And Just Like That, but he never turned up. This time, though, he’s really back.

The premiere date for season 2 of And Just Like That is still to be announced. See the rest of the photos below.

And Just Like That…

And Just Like That…

And Just Like That…

And Just Like That…

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