Gabrielle Union on playing a homophobe: ‘I can only hope to be a realistic enough mirror’

Gabrielle Union on playing a homophobe: ‘I can only hope to be a realistic enough mirror’

Plus: Union’s Inspection Costar Jeremy Pope discusses the Oscar race and more in the new episode EW’s Awardist podcast.

Joshua Rothkopf, Senior Movies Editor at EW

An indie film with a strong message can help to show a new side to a performer we haven’t seen before.

This is the case with A24’s The InspectionA drama about military basic-training that invites Gabrielle Union She did some of the most remarkable work of her career as a disapproving mother who cannot bring herself to be happy in her son’s new role as a Marine with a new sense and purpose, but still out and gay.

Union, 50, says that she hopes to be a mirror that people can see themselves in and not hate it. Union tells EW’s Awardist podcast, “I can only hope I can be a realistic enough reflect for folks to see myself and not like it — or change course,” in a fascinating interview. Bring it on Star reflects deeply on her decision to play a complex, hateful character and the hard work she put in to become an actor.

The Inspection In Elegance Bratton’s deeply emotional film is inspired by his own story. A young, gay Black man, who was rejected by his mother, decides to join Marines and do whatever it takes to succeed within a system that would throw him aside. He battles deep-seated prejudices and the grueling routines that are basic training. But he finds unexpected camaraderie and strength in this new community. This gives him a hard-earned sense belonging that will change his identity and forever alter his life.

Gabrielle Union and Jeremy Pope in The Inspection’

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Based on Elegance Bratton’s real-life experiences, The Inspection It also inspires deep commitment from its leader, a 30-year-old Jeremy PopeThis week, he joins the podcast to share his thoughts with Dave Karger, EW’s chief film editor, on how he shot the film’s more confrontational moments.

“[Elegance] Pope states, “I would call it cut, but my body wouldn’t know how to cut it, since I’m in this dark space.” “And that’s what it is. It’s part of being an artist, part of the craft.

Listen to the podcast episode to hear our full interviews with Union & Pope. You can also listen to the entire episode to hear Team Awardist’s thoughts. James CameronChances of being in the Best Director bracket with The Way of Water: Avatar, Elvis Star Austin Butler‘s SNL bounce and the potentially lucrative Best Song category (which would make for a great concert, despite the Oscars). We are now in the thick, so buckle up.

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