Financial Terms of Deion Sanders’s Colorado Contract Revealed

Financial Terms of Deion Sanders’s Colorado Contract Revealed

NewColoradoDeion Sanders, a football coach, is expected to make $29.5 million over five-years, excluding potential bonuses and incentives. According to a Monday report by the Mississippi Clarion Ledger. The contract is the largest ever awarded to a CU football coach or athletic director Rick George. The Denver Post.

On Dec. 4, Sanders was appointed Colorado’s new football coach. However, Sanders’ contract terms were not disclosed.They were not disclosed at that timeAs details were still being finalized.

Sanders’s contract states that he will be earning $5.5 million in his first year. This includes a base salary at $500,000, plus $1.75million for radio, television, and public appearances. $1.75million for promotion and fundraising. $1.5 million is for “development of student-athletes.”

Sanders’s salary rises to $5.7million in ’24, then to $5.9million in 25, $6.1million in ’26, and $6.3million in ’27. Sanders will also receive $5 million to help him assemble his assistant coaches, support staff.

If Sanders were to leave Colorado after one year, he would owe $15 million in liquidated damages. Sanders would owe $10M if he leaves after year two, $8M after year three, and $5M after years four and five of his contract with Colorado.

If Sanders’s contract is not terminated by Colorado, the school will be responsible for 75% of Sanders’s remaining base and supplemental salaries.

A Major rebuilding projectSanders and the Buffaloes are still in the works, but Sanders has a lucrative contract that guarantees that he will be able to do the job well.

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