Fairfield – Off The Beaten Path, But Worth Every Bite!

Fairfield – Off The Beaten Path, But Worth Every Bite!
Downtown Fairfield
Downtown Fairfield

Fairfield-off the beaten path, but worth every bite! Fairfield, Iowa is a place that fuses. It is both relaxing and exciting, with its tranquil landscapes that range from corn fields at the edge of town to a charming new age vibe that permeates this historic city.

Nestled in the rolling hills of southern Iowa, this town of 10,000 might be an out of the way drive. But it’s “home” to over 300 artists and musicians, a performing arts center, abundant outdoor space, and Maharishi International University. Fairfield has been a melting pot of culture, creativity and innovation that has made an indelible impression on the community, particularly the local food scene.

Foodies can choose from Indian or Thai food, Turkish food, Ethiopian, organic or vegan food, and many more. The town is known as “Southeast Iowa’s foodie capital” because it boasts a number of mouthwatering eateries.

But there’s one thing you need to know: Fairfield’s food scene isn’t fancy. It’s comfortable! Comfort food reigns supreme. Comfort food is the best!

Fishback and Stephenson's Cider House
Fishback and Stephenson Cider
Fishback and Stephenson’s Cider House

If you believe that a burger should not be celebrated, then you must try the farm-to-table burgers from Fishback & Stephenson’s Cider House. Their burgers have been awarded the title of “Best in Iowa” and their ciders have won numerous awards including the top Iowa Cider Producer of Year twice in a row. The tap room is made from local timber and offers local favorites like First Crush. It is also the best spot in town to see Iowa sunsets.

Bountiful Bakery should be a “must-see” at the beginning of every day. These bakery treats are a must-see for Instagram. Every day, fresh pastries filled with cheese and fruits, flaky croissants and gluten-free cupcakes are baked. On weekends, their cruffins are available for purchase. These works of art are filled with a variety designer creams, such as Earl Grey Caramel and Lavender. You will need plenty of napkins to accommodate them.

Cruffin  Bountiful Bakery
Cruffin – Bountiful Bakery

SOMM Wines is a destination for comfort food and shopping. Krista Matthes is a Las Vegas transplant and Sommelier. She has created a Midwest wine oasis that offers personalized, expert wine experiences and attracts people from all over the Midwest. You can shop for your favorite vintage, or you can visit the patio to taste a new favorite wine paired with a “Best in the Midwest” charcuterie. This includes local breads and cheeses as well as herb-infused oils.

Small town living has its perks, one of which is the charm emitted by local shops and boutiques. Fairfield’s shopkeepers take the time to get know their customers. Adela’s, a local decor and gift boutique, gives a personal touch you won’t find in larger cities. Kara Waugh, a Fairfield native, returned to the area after living there for many years. She prefers doing business with people who are friends with their customers. Adela’s iconic red front door is the entrance to a gift collection that’s as diverse as the community. You will find unique jewelry and gifts that combine traditional and farmhouse decor.

Small towns are often boring and sleepy. Fairfield Iowa will surprise you. From weekend getaways to a day trip escape, this eclectic hot spot is definitely a trip you’ll want to take a bite out of. There are many eateries, cute shops, music venues, galleries, and great outdoors within 6.5 miles. So what are you waiting? Isn’t this the time to get off the beaten track?


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