F1 News: Carlos Sainz wants to “complicate things” for Max Verstappen in 2023

F1 News: Carlos Sainz wants to “complicate things” for Max Verstappen in 2023

Carlos Sainz is optimistic about his chances for 2023.

Carlos Sainz is confident that he can start next season in good form and hopes to challenge Max Verstappen for race victories on a consistent basis.

He told Car and Driver , that his current performance is sufficient to challenge Verstappen for the race wins.

Sainz has struggled for most of this year to match his impressive performances from 2021, where he shocked most of the paddock with his adaptability and speed.

Few people could have predicted that Sainz would push Charles Leclerc as hard this season. Still, the Spaniard overcame all expectations and eventually finished 2021 with more points than his teammate. A closer look at last year’s campaign will reveal that Leclerc still held the raw pace advantage, but Sainz’s results are nonetheless impressive, especially considering it was his first year in the Scuderia.

In this year’s campaign, Carlos Sainz has been significantly slower than Leclerc, especially in race trim, so the 28-year-old will hope to address this in 2023.

Looking ahead to next season, Carlos Sainz is looking to fight reigning Champion Max Verstappen from the beginning:

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“I wish I had felt a little more comfortable at the beginning of the season, to make things a little more complicated for Max and together with Charles fight a little more.


“Max has had an incredible season, he deserves it. They are now dominant, Red Bull is dominant.

“But it’s at the start of the season where they really did an immense job.

“My objective for next season is to start the year at the same level I am at now, which is very good, and to complicate things for Max [Verstappen].

“New year, new car, new regulations, even with the floor, we have another opportunity.

“I trust completely that the team can create a great machine and learn from the mistakes we have made this year.

“I am ready to fight, and I wait with anticipation also to see what Mercedes do because it looks like they could join us at the front. “

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