Eat these! The 3 best Weird Al songs

Eat these! The 3 best Weird Al songs
Weird: Eric Appel, The Al Yankovic Director, names his top tunes by everyone’s favorite accordion-playing Pop Parodist.

The Daniel Radcliffe-starring, mostly fictional rock biopic Weird: The Al Yankovic Story offers an entertainingly nightmarish recounting of the pop parodist’s life and career. Eric Appel, a long-time Weird Al fan and director, was thrilled to be able to write the script with Yankovic.

We spent a lot of time figuring out the outline.” Appel’s comedy also stars Evan Rachel Wood Rainn Wilson , and Jack Black .. “I would go to his home, he would come to my office, and we’d have two- to three-hour sessions to brainstorm ideas. Although we have very similar work ethics, I believe our brains work in a different way. Al’s brain is more mathematical and meticulous. I’m a loosey-goosey improv world. It’s like “Let the ideas flow!” You’ll be amazed at what sticks. Our two disciplines worked well together. It was a joyous, easy experience to write this script with him. ”

Weird Al Yankovic

‘Weird Al’ Yankovic

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But which three Weird Al songs gives the filmmaker the most joy? Below are Appel’s selections.

“Eat It” (1984)

Yankovic’s breakthrough 1984 hit was a parody of Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” and reached #12 on the Billboard chart.

ERIC APPEL: “Eat It” is the one that got me into Weird Al. I was four years old at the time that “Eat It” was released. We were a huge MTV household and I loved Madonna and Michael Jackson as a toddler. My Mom showed me the “Eat It”, because I was familiar with the “Beat It”. My mom introduced me to comedy: SNL , Monty Python, and Weird Al. That’s what I remember. It’s a timeless classic that my children still listen to.

“Albuquerque” (1999)

This lengthy song describes, in considerable detail, the protagonist’s trip to the title city. “I just thought, okay, I’m gonna write a song that’s just going to annoy people for 12 minutes,” Yankovic told AV Club writer Nathan Rabin in 2011. Is there anyone who isn’t annoyed by the song? Eric Appel.

APPEL: “Albuquerque” is an incredible song, just the incredible journey that it takes you on. It’s funny, long, and a favourite.

“The White Stuff” (1992)

This tribute to a certain addictive substance appeared on Yankovic’s 1992 album Off the Deep End.

APPEL: I was about 12 when Off the Deep End came out. It was the first album I bought that was this was my Weird Al. My favorite song is “The White Stuff,” a New Kids on the Black parody on the cream in Oreo cookies. I love all food-based parodies, but this one is very specific about the cream in cookies.

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story can now be viewed on the Roku Channel. Below is the trailer.

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