‘Doom Patrol’ star remembers his very first scene: ‘Going up a donkey’s ass’

‘Doom Patrol’ star remembers his very first scene: ‘Going up a donkey’s ass’

Series stars Joivan Wade and April Bowlby tell EW about their most bizarre experiences at New York Comic Con.

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There’s no show quite like Doom Patrol, that’s for sure. Yes, it is a series of superheroes based on DC Comics characters. There are many of them these days. But what separates Doom Patrol from the likes of The Flash is the absurd, surreal tone — which became clear to the actors right from the start.

When Doom Patrol stars Joivan Wade (Cyborg), April Bowlby (Rita Farr), and Michelle Gomez (Madame Rouge) stopped by EW’s video suite at New York Comic Con on Sunday, Wade revealed that his very first day on set involved his character “going up a donkey’s ass.” To be fair, the ass was an interdimensional portal.

That was my introduction to this series. Wade says it happened immediately. “I was able to get in with episode 2, so that’s the first thing that happened. It was a great introduction. Although things have become a lot more bizarre and wackier, it was a great place for a start.

HTML3_ Doom Patrol — Ep. 102 — “Donkey Patrol”

Joivan Wade, Matthew Zuk, and April Bowlby in ‘Doom Patrol. ‘

| Credit: Bob Mahoney/Warner Bros.

Longtime Doom Patrol viewers will remember that this incident happens in the series’ second episode, “Donkey Patrol.” As season 4 approaches, the characters have gone through more and they’ve decided to unite as a team.

You will find the Doom Patrol at a place where we have made the decision to unite as a team. Wade says, “We’ve been fighting for that the last three seasons.” “That’s where we are. We are on a journey of time travel to something unexpected and very surprising. This places us in a place where we must decide what to do. Is it the fate for the world or the fate for the Doom Patrol? Gomez said that it was like jumping on a moving train. I had to grab on for dear life and get swept up in the madness of it all,” Gomez said. It was amazing.

Watch EW’s full interview with the Doom Patrol cast above.

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