Doc Talk Podcast: The Ultimate Football Helmet Collection

Doc Talk Podcast: The Ultimate Football Helmet Collection

Warning! We swear. There, you’ve been warned.

Close your eyes and paint a picture. What does your ultimate mancave look like? Okay, maybe we shouldn’t assign gender to this. What does your ultimate basement room dedicated to sports look like? 

Some of you already have your dream room that’s full of Husker memorabilia, photos, jerseys, etc. Some people will pump a ton of money into their cave to create the ultimate miniature sports museum. 

On this edition of the Doc Talk Podcast presented by Betfred Sports, we have a conversation with Jerry Quickel. Jerry and Dr. Rob are connections on Twitter. Jerry got a lot of attention when he put all the helmets he owns in his front yard. There are over 400! New helmets arrive daily, and he keeps making room for them in his basement. These full-sized helmets span the NFL, USFL, NCAA (all divisions), NAIA, and Junior Colleges.

How does one get all these helmets? How does one store all these helmets? Are there any helmets he doesn’t have? We answer all these questions in our interview.

Big 12 Media Days are in the books. The SEC Media Days are going on as we recorded this edition.  The Big 12 and PAC 12 have stopped talking.  The SEC says it’s steady with 16 teams and not looking to expand right now. So now what? A lot of wait-and-see.  Keep in mind we recorded this on Monday, July 18. After we were done, Notre Dame announced it would stay independent if it could get $ 75 million yearly from its NBC deal. Right now, the Irish bring in $22 million from the Peacock Network from their current deal. 

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