Detroit Lions NFL preview against Carolina Panthers

Detroit Lions NFL preview against Carolina Panthers

Schuyler CallihanOf All PanthersAnswer five questions to get into the Lions’ Week 16 matchup against the Carolina Panthers

1.) 1.) What was your opinion of the 2022 Panthers season.

Schuyler Callihan: The Panthers’ front office looked ready to give up on the season after firing Matt Rhule and trading Christian McCaffrey, Robbie Anderson, as well as starting P.J. Walker was the quarterback for a string. They’ve played a better brand of football, with less talent, which speaks to their ability to overcome adversity. It’s not common for a team to be in contention for a divisional title at 5-9. But, hey, Panthers It will be taken by fans. Some fans still hope they lose out so they can get a better draft pick and take a QB. I find it more exciting to see a team play meaningful football in December.

2.) Steve Wilks, interim head coach, seems to be a favorite of the team. Why is he a coach that players gravitate to?

Callihan: Steve Wilks keeps it real. With the players, the media, and so forth. He doesn’t dodge questions, he gets straight to the point. Many of his players have told me that he is a great coach and that he is able to control the locker room. He also understands the culture in Carolina that will make the franchise a success. He’s been there through the good and the worst. Players He holds them accountable so they must respect him. He is an old-school coach but can still relate to his players. He is clearly respected in the locker room, which could help him get the job.

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3.) 3.) Who are the Panthers players that are not on the radar, and Lions fans should be aware of?

Callihan: I’ll give a few. Sam Franklin Jr. is an ace in special teams. Although he won’t see much time at safety, he makes plays when he does. Franklin is widely considered to be one of the best gunners in the league and has made himself available to the Pro Bowl as an alternative. Cade Mays, another player you won’t see on field, is only there for a few plays. Because of the success of the starting unit this year, the rookie offensive lineman has not been able to make it into the offensive line rotation. He has carved out a position as a fullback. Mays has played all five positions of the line and his versatility and athleticism allows him to be used on short-yardage plays as a fullback. Sometimes, he even plays on the first down. Terrace Marshall Jr. is the last man. The former second-round selection suffered from injuries during his rookie year, and again in the offseason. He’s now fully recovered and is a key part of the offensive gameplan.

4.) 4.) What are the key matchups for Week 16?

Callihan: C.J. Henderson vs. Josh Reynolds/Kalif Ray. This is a matchup you should be watching. C.J. C.J. Henderson has been a good player this season, especially in the latter part of the season. He left the game last week with an ankle injury, and he did not return. He was a full participant in practice this week, but if his ankle gets worse, it could spell trouble. Panthers. Keith Taylor Jr. took his place and was picked on all day. He gave up three big catches on the third down.

5.) 5.) How do you see the game between the Lions & the Panthers, and who wins?

CallihanCarolina was unable to score much offensively last week because the Steelers filled the box and forced Carolina from its identity. If the Lions If Carolina has any success in stopping/limiting D’Onta Foreman’s run game and the Panthers’ running game, it will be difficult for Carolina to keep up with Detroit’s high powered offense. This could go either direction, but I’ll take the Lions 21-20.

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