Detroit Lions NFL gambling odds betting favorites against New York Jets

Detroit Lions NFL gambling odds betting favorites against New York Jets

Similar to last week’s, the Detroit Lions They opened as slight underdogs against the New York Jets and quickly rose to prominence. Wetten favorites.

The Lions are currently the favorite to beat the Jets by one point in Week 15. sportsbooks.

At SI Sportsbook The Lions are 1.5-point favorites for Week 15.

Over the past 14 days, heavy betting activity has been made on Detroit, leading to a shift in the betting lines.

Despite recent developments Increasing In popularity and talk of his team making it to the playoffs, Lions head coach was a household name. Dan Campbell Does not want to be too focused on the playoff chase at the moment.

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“Look, it’s there. I don’t believe that. Campbell said that he knows that Campbell and his fellow men feel the same and see it. Campbell added that there will be a time when they can approach it and talk about it. 97.1 The Ticket Tuesday. “But, if your talk about all that stuff isn’t careful, your focus can shift to the one in front of you. You begin to see too much of the whole picture instead of the first step.

“Because it’s the truth, and I’ve heard it before. Someone texted me, “Man, that’s such an easy schedule.” I was like, “I don’t want it to be heard.” Look at what Jacksonville Just like last week, you need to be locked up and loaded every week. This Jets team is in the playoff race. This will be one the best defenses we have played all year, so we need to be ready to go.”

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