Detroit Lions Jared Goff impressed with Jameson Williams speed

Detroit Lions Jared Goff impressed with Jameson Williams speed

Rookie Jameson Williams is nearing his NFL debut, after missing most of the season while rehabbing a torn ACL suffered in the 2022 College Football Playoff National Championship. He was able to return to practice last week and could make his debut this week or next.

“He is fast,” Jared Goff stated of Williams on Wednesday. “He’s very quick. Very, very fast. “

Goff is excited to throw to the young, speedy wideout. The signal-caller, a seventh-year professional, has thrown to many top-tier wideouts. He believes Williams’ abilities are exceptional. He compared Williams to Brandin Cooks who was a speedster Goff used to play with in Los Angeles.

“Brandin cooks is probably my fastest friend, and it’s a very different kind of speed,” Goff said. He’s taller and more athletic than I have seen him in real life. He has length and wingspan. Brandin was more just kind of a burner.”

With that length and speed, Williams can make plays, using all of his 6-foot-2 frame, and get past defenders.

“Jameson can extend on guys,” Goff said. “He can really catch catches from his body, that kind of stuff. We’ll see how much he can help us in six weeks. But, certainly, as a quarterback, you want him on the field as soon as possible.”

With Williams having been out of practice for the season’s first 11 weeks, Goff is just now able to begin getting a rapport with the youngster. Goff acknowledged that there will be an adjustment period when throwing to Williams’ speed, but he doesn’t expect it to hinder the offense once Williams is cleared for takeoff.

” It all depends on the routes he runs and how much we use him,” Goff stated. “But, yeah, we’ll see. It doesn’t matter how fast he is. You want to get reps for any guy. We got some Wednesday. Try to start to get on the same page, and hopefully get him incorporated soon.”


Playoff hopes

Thanks to a three-game winning streak, the Lions righted their record to what is now a 4-7 mark, after a sluggish 1-6 start. Although the odds are against Detroit being a playoff team in the playoff chase, the December games have significance.

In his first season in Detroit, Goff sputtered through the team’s 3-13-1 finish. He’s now able to compete through the season’s final month in year 2.

“It’s a game changer,” Goff stated. You think back to last year and it makes it seem like you are out of it. It’s just human nature that it’s difficult to get started every day. It can be difficult to get yourself ready for Sundays and throughout the week, Wednesday through Friday. We’re now in the mix. We have to win to keep ourselves in the mix. But, we have a lot of things to play for over the next six weeks. It all starts with this one, and hopefully get the second one and go.” The Lions just came off a showdown against the Buffalo Bills. In which they went toe to toe with one the league’s most elite teams. The midseason performance of Detroit has given reason to be optimistic for the final stretch.

Goff said that the team has made a turn.

“Oh, it’s turned,” Goff said. “We have won three of our four previous games. We felt we had a chance to win last week, and we feel like we can play against anyone. We’re there and a different team than earlier in the year. And, (we) can play with anybody and beat anybody.”

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