Detroit Lions best NFL rebuild in Week 16 power rankings

Detroit Lions best NFL rebuild in Week 16 power rankings

Let’s see what the media has to say about this. Detroit LionsAfter defeating the New York Jets MetLife Stadium

Sports Illustrated

Week 16: 12th

Previous rank: 16th

We prayed, we hoped, and we begged for it: Potentially meaningful Lions Football at the end of the season. Dan Campbell Royal Rumble style, taking on the rest. This Jets win was necessary, Detroit It could win even if the opposing team is making one big play after the other.

Week 16 rank: 7th

Previous rank: 10th

The Lions You can win ugly too. Dan Campbell’s Grit Monsters were at the Meadowlands And struggled to break through against an elite Jets defense… until it was most important. With less than two minutes left, fourth-and-inches was approaching at midfield. Ben Johnson, the offensive coordinator (his head coach stock increasing by the week), called a brilliant misdirection play which resulted in a 51 yard touchdown. Brock Wright. The Lions have won six out of seven and are now in position to advance to the NFL playoffs if they can defeat the Panthers Sunday. “A lot these close games are starting leaning more towards us than they,” said Jared Goff. “This has not always been the case around us. We believe in each others and know that someone will make a play to do the right thing.


USA Today

Week 16: 10th

Previous rank: 13th

It feels like Dan Campbell’s bandwagon has been filled with many people far removed from Motown. Detroit’s final three games are in Chicago, Green Bay, and Carolina. This is a good formula for the Lions first playoff attempt in six years.

Yahoo Sports

Week 16 rank: 9th

Previous rank: 11th

The Jets It seemed like the one Detroit It was crucial in the playoff race. It came down to Brock Wright running a fourth-and-11-inch play for a touchdown. When was the last time you were able to? Lions Did you see a crucial play like that? Although the Lions are not guaranteed to make it to the playoffs, they have a lot to be proud of given how well their team is playing.

The Athletic

Week 16 rank: 8th

Previous rank: 10th

If Dan Campbell’s Lions can pull off this rally to reach the playoffs, there won’t be any more kneecaps in the Detroit metro. After Jared Goff Brock Wright was a great season for Brocks leaguewide, and he scored a 51-yard touchdown to beat the Jets. Detroit According to Mock’s projections, there is a 57% chance that the team will make it to the playoffs. The rest of the schedule looks available for the taking, but it doesn’t feel comfortable to any Lions fan. If they can’t pull it off? Lions fans alive.

Sporting News

Week 16: 12th

Previous rank: 17th

The Lions continue to bring momentum, with their offense still making big plays from new players like Jared Goff and their defense improving in every aspect. They may be hard to deny them a playoff spot under the fiery Dan Campbell.


Week 16: 12th

Previous rank: 17th

Houston, who was nicknamed “Da Problem”, is living up to its name. The Jackson State product has been wrecking havoc for the past four weeks. The rookie was promoted from the practice squad before the Thanksgiving Day game against Buffalo. He has been a solid contributor and registered five sacks in his four first career games. Since 1982, he is the third player to have at least one sack in each of his four first contests. Terrell Suggs In 2003, and Santana Dotson 1992.

The Ringer

Week 16: 11th

Previous rank: 17th

The Lions They are now 6-1 in their last seven matches, and the playoffs feel more possible with remaining games against the Bears, Panthers, and Andors. Packers. How did this happen?

The team is now equipped with a top-flight offensive unit and an improved arsenal of weapons, thanks to DJ Chark’s return and rookie wide receiver Jameson WilliamsThe Lions are ranked no. Since Week 9, the Lions rank number 3 in offensive EPA per game. In the last seven weeks, Detroit has moved up from 32nd in offensive points allowed per match (29.1) to 9th (19.8). It would be difficult to find a team that has achieved a better turnaround in football than Detroit. Lions Right now

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